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Yota Devices signs new partnership with Tawasol to provide local Apps for Middle Eastern region

Yota Devices, makers of YotaPhone 2 – the world’s first dual screen smartphone, signed a new partnership with Tawasol, the IT specialised in developing cutting-edge and custom mobile applications.

The move comes in line with Yota’s aim to bring unique cutting-edge technology in shaping and reforming the Middle Eastern smartphone sector by providing local Apps.

The alliance between the stalwarts of the industry will offer customised embedded mobile applications appealing to key target markets in the Middle East by providing never-before-seen innovation for consumers’ needs and wants.

The newly launched YotaPhone 2 will come pre-installed with Tawasol’s ‘Islamiyat’, one of its major Religious Apps, which has achieved a big success in the region. The one-stop App includes a group of useful features and tools including the Holy Quran and daily prayer times among others.

“We at Yota Devices always put the interests of the consumers by providing them with innovative features that are tailored to their requirements. One of the Middle East’s key needs is access to range of Apps that suit their religious activities and our collaboration with Tawasol allows us to provide them with customised mobile applications that elevate their user experience,” said Abdul Karim Sawan, Vice President for Middle East & Africa, Yota Devices.

The partnership between Yota Devices and Tawasol will roll out in the Q1 of 2015 which will also include a group of new apps across various content category including sports, education, entertainment and directory among others.

“Our partnership with Yota Devices is a commitment to provide the best in technology and innovation with our tailor-made applications to the users in the region. And with Yota Devices we are positive to deliver quality solutions and services to support users’ personal needs,” said Dr.Osama Moustafa, CEO, Tawasol.

Yota Devices plans to rapidly grow as a key player in the smartphone business in the Middle East through innovative products such as YotaPhone 2. The company also aims to strengthen its mobile division in the region by growing the brand’s footprint and reach within the Middle East and Africa with focus in the GCC region.