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Zain and Fakhro Electronics sign a partnership deal to offer enterprise solutions for SMEs and large enterprises

Zain Bahrain has teamed up with Fakhro Electronics to offer the Kingdom’s business sector innovative & affordable communication solutions through world class brands such AVAYA, CISCO and many more.

The partnership with Fakhro Electronics adds a valuable resource to Zain Bahrain’s suite of carefully selected Enterprise Connectivity solutions that tap the latest technology and meet the demands of the changing workplace landscape. Such services include, and are not limited to, Connecting Enterprises and SME’s with Dedicated Internet Access all over Bahrain through Microwave, MPLS or Fiber that leverages on a scalable network & unparalleled service availability. Enterprises can also connect their branches through a Virtual Private Network that is designed carefully by our experienced engineers to provide a powerful & a flexible internal network for the company that distinguishes between delay-sensitive data.

Furthermore, Zain proudly serves the Enterprise Sector through a dedicated Call Center that is available around the clock to process service requests & channel any business need to our experienced team of Network Engineers, Sales Force and more.

The agreement was signed by Mr Mohammed Zainalabedin, General Manager of Zain Bahrain and Dr. Yousif Abdulla Fakhro the Managing Director of Fakhro Electronics.

“We are delighted to offer our corporate clients and SMEs a product as strong as AVAYA through a reliable and experienced partner like Fakhro Electronics,” said (Pakiza Abdulrahman , Manager, Adjacent Businesses at Zain Bahrain), “In a competitive corporate environment where time and speed are vitally important, AVAYA solutions offer growing businesses flexibility, mobility, cost-effective scalability, and investment protection. These are features that resonate with our corporate offerings and will be of great support to Bahrain businesses that are looking to play a productive and bigger role in the building of the nation.”

Whether it is video conferencing or platforms and infrastructure for large companies, collaborative Cloud and networking facilities or Virtual Enterprise Network Architecture or an IP Office suite for SMEs, Zain Bahrain customers will benefit from the Zain-Fakhro Electronics tie-up that will merge the AVAYA features with the best Zain packages, offering incentives such as excellent after-sales support, free Zain-toZain calls, additional Fax and E-Fax services, giving the enterprise and SME a full solution to start up their office and reduce their costs dramatically while increasing efficiency and boosting productivity and customer satisfaction.