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Zain Bahrain launches the first smartphones and tablets insurance in the Gulf region

Zain Bahrain, the leading telecom company in the Kingdom, has launched the first in the GCC Mobile & Tablet Insurance service to protect owners of Smartphones and Tablets from unexpected accidental damage and theft.

The insurance program is managed by MapfreAsistencia, the global leading assistance company which is represented locally by Gulf Assist, and powered by Solidarity – an Islamic Sharia’a Compliant Insurance Provider in Bahrain.

The SmartInsure Service, will provide comprehensive coverage that will span a period of 12months for all mobile phones and tablets sold from Zain’s retail network and a wide range of retailers in the kingdom.

Focusing on providing an innovative and hassle-free service; once the device is purchased, consumers can visit any Zain Bahrain shop to insure it.

“The mobile phone is definitely a valuable possession and even an extension of one’s self. We are delighted to offer a comprehensive Smartphone and Tablet Insurance Service that will make customers feel confident and secure,” said General Manager of Zain Bahrain,
Mohammed Zainalabedin.

“Gadget insurance is a growing trend among telecommunication companies across the globe; and Zain Bahrain has partnered up with leading providers to cement that need and offer mobile and tablet insurance service for Zain customers and the community at large,” he said.

Commenting on the announcement, General Manger of Gulf Assist, Enrique Ballesteros said,”MapfreAsistencia represented by Gulf Assist is an international leader in the insurance industry with more than 20 years of experience across 45 countries. We are delighted to partner with Zain Bahrain to provide the SmartInsure service which will cater to a growing need witnessed by consumers – the need to protect their gadgets.”

Deputy General Manager of Solidariy, Jawad Mohammed said, “It gives Solidarity a great pleasure to be associated with a new insurance service initiative in the Kingdom of Bahrain. We are providing accidental damage and theft cover to Zain Bahrain for smartphones and tablets offered to their customers.”

“These days, mobile devices have become an integral part of our lives. Having a comprehensive protection will safeguard the investment and give peace of mind to users. The cover provides protection against damages via accidental damage, sand, water, humidity, impact etc. It is a comprehensive coverage where if the device is stolen or damaged beyond repair, the cover will provide a new replacement device to the insured,” he said.

Once damage or a theft occurs, customers are expected to contact the TOLL FREE number to declare the issue. The number is 80078888 and it is free of charge for callers.