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Zain celebrates National Jet Ski team world champions

Zain is constantly looking to identify and support excellence across the sports sector

Zain, the leading telecommunications company in Kuwait, welcomed Kuwait’s National Jet Ski team champions in Kuwait Airport after the team achieved a number of titles during their participation in the recently concluded World Jet Ski Championship held in Arizona, United States, as the company is the main sponsor of the team for the fifth consecutive year.

Zain participated in the reception ceremony held in Kuwait Airport’s Honoring Hall, where many of the team’s sponsors and supporting organizations attended.

The company expressed its keenness on encouraging Kuwaiti athletes to represent Kuwait in the various internationally renowned championships, and that its sponsorship of the team for fifth consecutive year falls under its strategy towards supporting the youth and sports sectors.

The company expressed its pride in the latest achievements the team accomplished, where they won 18 medals, 8 of which are gold medals. Zain confirms its commitment towards Kuwaiti champions, which resembles the company’s endless confidence of the competencies of these young athletes and their capabilities in excelling in different fields.

As a leading telecommunications company in Kuwait, Zain is constantly looking to identify and support excellence across the sports sector. The company will continue to put Kuwaiti National teams and individual athletes at the forefront of its priorities and pledges to continue motivating them to achieve all the recognition they deserve.

It is worth noting that the National Jet Ski team is authorized by the Kuwait Sea Sport Club to officially represent the country in regional and international Jet Ski championships. The team champions won a number of prominent titles during past and present participations.