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Zain Group Joins SAMENA Telecommunications Council as Member

“SAMENA Council provides a credible and truly advocacy-driven platform for telecommunications stakeholders in our region"

Zain Group, a leading telecommunications operator in the Middle East and Africa, has become the newest member of SAMENA Telecommunications Council, joining the ranks of top-tier telecom operators and service providers from the South Asia, Middle East, and North Africa region.

“Zain Group joins the Council at a time when strengthened collaboration among industry stakeholders has become imperative to overcoming regulatory hurdles and reaping the full benefit of the digital revolution,” said Bocar BA – Chief Executive Officer, SAMENA Council.

“As one of the most successful regional telecom operators, Zain brings a strong track record in driving innovation and growth, and their expertise and insights will add tremendous value to the Council’s efforts to implement our digital agenda. We welcome Zain to the SAMENA family and we look forward to working with Zain’s leadership and team to protect and advance our industry’s collective interests.”

Mr. Scott Gegenheimer, CEO, Zain Group said, “SAMENA Council provides a credible and truly advocacy-driven platform for telecommunications stakeholders in our region to meaningfully interact with each other and address issues of common interest. We are pleased to join this exclusive regional alliance of leading telecom industry players. As we continue to expand our footprint in the region and vigorously pursue our strategic ambitions, we recognize the unique visibility that comes in being a SAMENA Council’s member and endless business possibilities that can be created together. Our forward-thinking team values these aspects of this industry association between Zain and SAMENA Council, as we take our business to the next level.”

With a commercial presence in 8 countries – including Kuwait, Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Lebanon, and Sudan – Zain provides a comprehensive range of mobile voice and data services to over 46.1 million active customers in the Middle East and Africa region.

As a member of SAMENA Council, Zain will be able to leverage the Council’s regional and international reach as well as advocacy support programs, which are designed to promote digitization in the region, encourage investment in broadband infrastructure, approach regulatory and industry governance matters from transparent and consensus-driven perspectives, and to enable close communication among all the stakeholders.