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Zain Group selects ‘ResponseTek’ to power Customer Experience Program across 8 countries

Zain Group, a pioneer of mobile telecommunications across the Middle East and Africa has selected ResponseTek Listening Platform to power its multi-channel, multi-country customer experience program throughout its eight countries of operations. Zain is the first operator in the region to implement such a dynamic customer experience listening tool.

ResponseTek is the global leader in customer experience management (CEM) software with clients in over 40 countries serviced by offices in North America, Europe, India, and Australia. The ResponseTek Listening Platform collects and analyzes feedback and sentiment in real-time from customers interacting with a company’s website, call centers, retail or branch locations and mobile/social platforms. Based on customer feedback analysis, Zain will be able to provide concrete actions to both front-line staff and executives to improve the brand experience that leads to increased revenue and reduced customer churn.

“Improving our relationship with, and the experience of, our customers is a key strategy at Zain. We have over 7000 employees that work hard every day to improve our customers experience across our business. We will continue to challenge ourselves and set new performance standards by investing in the future of our customers and seeking knowledge and innovation in order to exceed expectations in serving our communities,” states Scott Gegenheimer, Group CEO of Zain. “Our commitment to the customer is deeply rooted in our brand values and our partnership with ResponseTek to drive our customer experience program is a testament to our continued dedication.”

In addition, all Zain operations will rely on ResponseTek to standardize key customer metrics for benchmarking across the business through collection, analysis and reporting of all customer feedback to identify areas for operational improvement.

“We are proud to have been selected by Zain as the software to power their customer experience program,” states Syed Hasan, President and CEO of ResponseTek. “Throughout our discussions, we witnessed Zain’s deep understanding of, and a commitment to, enhancing the customer experience. We now look forward to working with the team to collect feedback and monitor improvements to how customers interact with Zain.”