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Zain Kuwai applies E-signature service to employees

Zain positions itself as the first private-sector company to launch the E-signature service within the organization.

Zain, the leading telecommunications company in Kuwait, revealed that it has applied the E-signature service to its employees in collaboration with the Public Authority for Civil Information.

PACI officials were present at the company’s main headquarters in Shuwaikh for a period of two weeks to ease the registration process.

With the latest implementation of the E-Signature project, Zain positions itself as the first private-sector company to launch the E-signature service within the organization.

The latest collaboration comes in line with the Kuwaiti government’s vision of enabling electronic governmental solutions.

Zain’s vision into shifting to the technological era will support its efforts of providing its human resources with the most convenient ways to apply to any governmental paperwork necessities. With the introduction of the E-signature service, employees will now be able to issue certified documents like salary certificates, salary continuity certificates, To Whom It May Concern certificates and other essential documents with ease using a dedicated online portal.

This technological approach will ease the process of issuing governmental related certificates which require an individual’s identification, noting that this modernized solution will result in a paradigm technological shift for both the private sector and the entire state.

It is worth mentioning that the Public Authority for Civil Information has promptly responded to Zain’s request in introducing the E-Signature solution to its employees between the periods of 5 April 2015 to 16 April 2015.

PACI surpassed expectations in facilitating employees’ processes in updating their Civil Identifications online through the support of a number of PACI representatives who were present at Zain’s main headquarters to ease the process.

Additionally, 890 employees out of 1200 have successfully registered their personal E-Signature, wherein by the end of the registration period Zain extended its utmost gratitude and thankfulness to PACI representatives who organized and facilitated the logistics of the project.

PACI had founded the infrastructure of this project then developed a general framework study as well as implementing, executing, and verifying the issuance of E-Signatures to the citizens and residents of the state of Kuwait.

This project came to contribute to the modernization of the State of Kuwait and to take it through an electronic era that will result in adopting the safest techniques to ensure the security and confidentiality of citizens’ and residents information in all governmental transactions. Additionally, this project will enable the Kuwaiti government to implement its promising vision to operationalize the concept of an E-Government.

Zain considers itself as a core entity within the community, and strives to keep up with the social and economic development trends.

The company further expressed its pride to be at the forefront of private companies in adopting this technological solution that will gain momentum in facilitating transactions across the country.