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Zain main sponsor of GulfRun for second year running

Company awards winning teams of Karting Endurance race

Zain, the leading telecommunications company in Kuwait, announced its main sponsorship of the 11th edition of GulfRun, the region’s most anticipated motorsport activity.

The event kick-started last weekend, and will continue until March 2015, involving several thrilling activities taking place in Kuwait and Bahrain.

GulfRun is considered a safe alternative to street racing which threatens youth’s lives. Motorsport enthusiasts can now showcase their talents within professional and certified circuits while gaining professional guidance based on worldwide safety procedures.

On this occasion, Waleed Al Khashti, Zain Kuwait’s Corporate Communications and Relations Director said: “Zain’s support to this much anticipated event for the second year running stems from its utmost responsibility of youth’s talent development and the sports sector, which comes in line with our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, especially that this exciting race was established by a group of Kuwaiti youth.”

Al Khashti added: “we are proud to congratulate ‘Zain Racing’ team for winning the second place title, and we wish them all the best of luck during next February’s 12 hour karting endurance race.”

Al Khashti added: “We were keen on taking part in this exciting event yet again after the passion we found from the youth during last year’s event. Zain is also highlighting its dedication to applying safety measures while driving as GulfRun is considered an ideal and safe alternative to street racing which threatens youth’s lives.”

GulfRun involved a Karting Endurance race, which was held at Kuwait’s SIRBB Circuit over a straight period of 24 hours. The activity witnessed tremendous success gathering many enthusiasts of this sport alongside the public. The event will also include an exciting car show, where participants will be showcasing their exquisite high-speed cars to thrill seeking individuals.

Following the car show event, participants will be flying over to the Kingdom of Bahrain to take part in several training procedures in preparation for the final race at the Bahrain International Circuit. Participants will be able to gain valuable insights with the help of qualified trainers and professional instructors who have a long-track of motorsport experience.

It is worth mentioning that GulfRun is an annual motorsport event which was established in 2005 by a group of Kuwaiti youth who are simply passionate about automobile racing. The race extinguishes itself from any other motorsport race by promoting a safe and secure environment to race and train, as well as spreading awareness to limit street accidents.