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Zain partners with Sadu House for fifth consecutive year

Zain, the leading telecommunications company in Kuwait, announced today the renewal of its partnership with Sadu House for the fifth consecutive year. Zain’s partnership and support to the Sadu House activities continues as a sign of the company’s high attentiveness to organizations that aim at strengthening treasured Kuwaiti tradition.

Zain’s ongoing partnership with Sadu House comes in line with its Corporate Social Responsibility strategy that aims to support national organizations and projects that care to preserve the treasured and valued Kuwaiti tradition. Zain considers private sector institutions an important part of society and thus considers such partnerships a vital move towards implementing and reinforcing its Corporate Social Responsibility strategy.

Waleed Al Khashti, Zain Kuwait’s Corporate Communications and Relations Manager said: “We congratulate every single member of the Sadu House institution for their dedicated efforts in managing and organizing such activities that contribute to educating the youth on our much valued Kuwaiti tradition.”

“Zain always supports and caters to organizations and efforts that aim at preserving the Kuwaiti tradition and contribute to spreading it to the public and particularly within the youth. With such efforts, new generations will have a great chance at learning about their country’s traditions and values, which will deliver an added value to their and society’s well-being” Al Khashti added.

As a leading telecommunications company, Zain will continue supporting similar initiatives and events that fall under its responsibility towards the society and its wellbeing as a Kuwaiti company.