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Zain shares Ramadan Iftar meal with 6th ‘Al Tahreer’ Brigade Camp

Zain, the leading telecommunications company in Kuwait, announced that it shared a Ramadan Iftar meal gathering with the Land Force Command of the Ministry of Defense in the 6th ‘Al Tahreer’ Mechanized Brigade Camp.

The initiative came as a sign of gratitude and appreciation to the efforts those noble defenders of Kuwait exert throughout the year and especially during the holy month to accomplish their duty.

Zain explained in a press statement that its Corporate Communications and Relations team visited the Land Force Command’s 6th ‘Al Tahreer’ Mechanized Brigade Camp with the attendance of Deputy Commander of Land Forces Brigadier Bader Al Awadhi and Deputy Commander of the 6th ‘Al Tahreer’ Mechanized Brigade Colonel Mohammed Al Dhafiri to recognize the outstanding efforts the land forces are exerting during the holy month, especially with the current harsh weather conditions. The visit came as part of Zain’s program of interactive visits during the holy month as part of the company’s recently launched extensive Corporate Social Responsibility campaign.

Waleed Al Khashti, Zain’s Corporate Communications and Relations Manager, said, “Zain welcomed the Holy Month of Ramadan this year with a program that includes an array of programs and initiatives. We dedicate a significant part of our campaign to interactive visits, where we share the belssings of the holy month with several sectors of our community. Zain recognizes the great importance of those in charge of the security of our beloved Kuwait in various sectors, and our brave soldiers put their lives at risk every day to save the lives of others rather than to be with their families during the Iftar meal. This is a main reason why we were determined to be present with them even in the farthest locations like the 6th Brigade Camp to share the blessings of Iftar and to thank them for their endless efforts.”

Zain concluded, “Its Corporate Social Responsibility Program during the Holy Month of Ramadan includes an extensive array of programs that cover different areas. The initiatives and programs will include humanitarian, voluntary, cultural, religious, sports, and recreational activities to cater to the different segments of society.”