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Who is making a $13,600 mistake by calling you?

If you are thinking about promoting your property via SMS or Phone call, don’t!

Real estate agencies who promote or market properties using SMS or phone calls in Dubai will face a fine of $13,600, according to Dubai’s Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA).

How will real estate agencies overcome this?

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A recent case

The regulatory agency was straightforward about this mentioning that it’s “strictly prohibited” to use the aforementioned advertising techniques, and those who do are liable to a fine, according to Al Bayan daily.

The daily asked RERA about a recent case concerning a real estate agency asking investors via text messages to buy their properties in Dubai land, and RERA showed that such the agency did not apply for a special permit to text potential buyers, Al Bayan reported.

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Legal ways to promote in Dubai

RERA released a circular in 2016, saying that “Real estate firms should market their products through designated channels such as websites, newspapers, and magazines.”

If this law has been there since 2016, why is it surfacing just now?

What raises more questions is whether emails and social media channels fall under the list of legal advertisements or not.

Nothing is 100% percent clear, but what is known it’s that only registered brokers may advertise properties in Dubai.

Any kind of advertisement issued by any real estate agencies requires approval, and the advertisement must include the permit number, according to RERA.