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6th GCC Smart Government and Cities Portals Conference concludes successfully

The ‘6th GCC Smart Government and Cities Portals Conference organized by Datamatix, concludes successfully at the Burj Al Arab Hotel. The 2 days conference focused on the strategies to simplify the government organizations service patterns via smart portals and top organizations and minds from across the GCC put forth their observations and experiences in the same. The conference also celebrated the significance of Arabic language in lieu with the World Arabic language day and emphasized on the necessity of introducing new and more Arabic portals throughout government and business organizations in the GCC.

The event is sponsored by Digital Flow, Communication Legal Translation, Naseej, Almarai, Carlsbad Mineral Water, Glenda, New Age Beverages, and Noor.

Day 2 began with the presentation of Dr. Ahmed Tahlak, President and Chairman of LEVENBERT on shared services in the era of smart government and smart city via portals. Based on his years of experience and success, he enlightened the audience on how to create a winning business strategy for augmenting the shared service pattern in an organization. He also discussed the pros and cons of having government call centres while he world has already moved into smart portals.

Dr. Ashraf Kanjo, Head of Corporate Digital Marketing from RLG communications put forth his observations and experiences in smart portals framework in the nation. He touched upon various crucial topics like business process optimizations and management transformation strategy, developing smart services knowledge perspective of citizens and businesses, the forecast of using government smart services by citizens and businesses, pushed smart services vs. pulled smart services and new and innovative smart services delivery tools and technologies.

It was followed by a presentation on GCC portals competitiveness criteria and standardization by Mr. Khaled Al Mubarak, President of Mawj Training and Consuting wherein the discussed the modern parameters in governing the portals of government and business organization and monitoring the ROI.

The coffee break and networking session was followed by the presentation of Mr. Ahmed Al Madani, Executive Director IT Sector of the General Pension and Social Security Authority on Portals ICT development- he elaborated his views on a wide range of topics covering the likes of global technological changes “challenges and opportunities”, application and infrastructure development, connectivity & integration, government green ICT strategy latest in web for today’s government and corporate environment and smart services at your fingertips.

Assem Hijazi, Localization Program Manager of Microsoft Middle East and North Africa, spoke on Innovation in GCC smart government and city portals. His presentation was a detailed study based on his qualitative experience in the field of Arabic language localization and portals management. He talked about the benchmarks in Global KPI measurement and various strategies in driving innovation and promoting result-based government with smarter analytics.

Mr. Saleh Al Zein, General Manager of Communication Legal Translation, UAE presented a case study on ‘Communication Legal Translation Establishment’. His case study focused on the successful journey of the organization and elaborated its various smart portal initiatives that are at par with the global ICT benchmarks and models.

The conference ended with the ‘Middle East Portals and Web Content Arabization Excellence Award. The winners of 2014 are as follows:

1. Web Content Arabization in Media Excellence Award: Al Riyadh Newspaper – Received by Mr. Ali Al Kowhais, Regional Director, Al Riyadh Newspaper, UAE

2. Web Content Arabization in Health Care Excellence Award: United Doctors Hospital

3. Outstanding Translation Services Excellence Award: Communication Legal Translation – Received by Mr. Salah Al Zein, General Manager, Communication Legal Translation, UAE

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