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Abdulaziz Bin Humaid Leadership Program runs fourth five-day training program, in Ras Al Khaimah

The Abdulaziz Bin Humaid Leadership Program (ALP), a first-of-its-kind program that aims to empower talented young individuals with essential leadership qualities, held the fourth of its series of five-day training courses in the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, at the Marjan Island Resort.

The course, which ran from 14th –18th December 2014, sought to impart vital skills, knowledge and experience related to effective leadership to candidates undertaking the second edition of the ALP, which began in September. It encompassed a number of group exercises and experiential learning sessions, overseen by a highly qualified team of specialist trainers.

Prior to its start, on 13th December, ALP candidates were treated to a motivational speech by Sheikh Dr Abdulaziz Bin Ali Al Nuaimi, widely known as the ‘Green Sheikh’ – who is a renowned champion of youth leadership, sustainability, and environmental stewardship.

On each of the course’s five days, candidates undertook a six-hour experiential learning session, led by the ALP’s experienced Challenger Team. The trainers were Dr Thabet Al Nabulsi, the Chief Executive and Founder of Challenger Team, who has successfully worked on many large-scale public and private sector projects in the Kingdom of Jordan; Maen Odeh, the Chief Executive Officer of the Jordan Heritage Revival Company, and a former Jordanian national basketball player; and Emad Alsaka, an experienced business development manager and ILM accredited trainer.

On the first two days of the course, candidates also undertook group exercises with Martine Kerr, who has 18 years’ experience in the fitness industry and now owns a fitness studio in Dubai, and Roohi Hamlani, a Canadian-qualified nutritionist who previously spent a decade working at a multinational healthcare firm. On the second of these days, Hamlani also provided candidates with one to one health coaching.

Speaking on the occasion, Faisal Al Nuaimi, Head of the committee at the ALP, said: “The fourth training course of this year’s ALP comes at around the half way stage of the program, and really gave candidates the chance to get to grips with what they have learned so far – to consolidate their knowledge, acquired both from their class-room sessions and the previous training courses, and to think more profoundly about what it takes to lead an effective team. This is a crucial part of the programme, and we are delighted with the dedication, humility and introspection that our candidates have demonstrated.”

The five-day course encompassed a multitude of learning objectives. Some were predominantly theoretical: for example, learning how to identify different types of team, exploring how leaders can effectively capitalize on team resources, and understanding key team success factors – including team building skills and techniques, development stages, and the five dysfunctions of a team. Other learning objectives had more of a focus on individual improvement: for example, identifying and developing one’s personal skills to become a more effective team member, promoting trust and rapport by exploring one’s team-player style and how it impacts group dynamics, and learning how to improve one’s problem solving and make better decisions. There were also sessions on enabling participants to innovatively and creatively solve problems, enhance their analytical skills, and communicate more effectively to achieve better results.