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Which country in the world blocks ads the most, and who doesn’t seem to care?

Ad-blocking is now very much a part of the online world. Close to half of all Internet users are ad-blocking, with men and younger age groups most likely to.

Ad-blocking is most popular in the Asia Pacific, with almost half of Internet users (47% using an ad-locker) followed by North America (43%), and Latin America (42%), respectively, according to the finding of a study by Global Web Index.

European Internet users come net with 39% of them blocking ads. The Middle East and Africa (30%) has the least percentage of Internet users blocking ads.


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The uptake of ad-blocking in APAC is largely due to a regional preference for mobile-first browsing, notes the finding of the study.

With smaller screens on mobile, ads take up a higher proportion of screen space, and can use up precious data allowance. But mobile first browsing is a hallmark of MEA too, which suggests that while awareness in some regions is behind APAC, ad-blocking is set to spread worldwide.

In terms of country-wise break up, Indonesia has the highest percentage of Internet users (53%) globally, who block ads on any device each month, the findings by Global Web Index study.

In the MEA region, South Africa has the highest share of ad blockers (41%), followed by the UAE (39%), and Saudi Arabia and Egypt (both at 36%).

Ad-frustration, whether from annoyance with ads or a feeling that they’re excessive, is the most popular motivation to block ads in all age groups, peaking with the 55-64s (62%).


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Ad blocking devices

Looking at the biggest drivers to block ads by country, few corners of the globe are untouched by ad-frustration.

Ad-blocking on PCs/laptops (37%) has the lead over mobile (32%) worldwide, though the picture changes according to regional preferences.


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Currently, there are only three countries (Saudi Arabia, Thailand and China) where ad-blocking on mobile is above PCs and laptops.

Part of the reason why those countries are ahead is because their online populations are skewed younger, and so place more emphasis on mobile in their day-to-day activities, the study by Global Web Index finds.