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The United Arab Emirates’ top 100 most costly keywords for each sector has revealed that consumers across the country remain cost-conscious when searching the internet. According to a recent study by leading global digital marketing suite, SEMrush, marketers are investing significantly in searchable keywords relating to savings, financial support and value.

SEMrush’s research, which collates the suggested bid amount for each keyword recommended by top search engines in the UAE, has highlighted that marketers are spending as much as US$64.59 per click.

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These bid amounts are calculated using algorithms that measure keyword popularity according to searches in geographical areas.

“The research into the cost of keywords in the UAE provides a clear indication that marketers are keen to target residents who are budget aware when searching for car rentals/purchases, new homes or banking, whether searching in English or Arabic,” according to Adam Zeidan, Corporate Communications Manager – GCC and Turkey, SEMrush.

He added: “It is important that while having big budgets to invest in SEO marketing, companies should still look at providing a quality website that is user-friendly and transparent to support a positive quality score.”

The banking sector demands the greatest keyword spend in the UAE with the top five most expensive keywords currently available to bid ranging from $32.47 to $64.59.

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The remaining three sectors sought similar bid pricing, with automotive ranging from $15.39 to $6.33 per click. Telecoms and real estate sought keyword bids of $11.55 to $5.54 and $11.10 and $4.24 respectively.

“By analyzing the demand for certain keywords, marketers can gain a clear understanding of consumer trends and refine their strategies to promote their services and products best, adapting to their audience needs and interests, ensuring that their marketing budgets are being spent efficiently,” Zeidan added.

The five most expensive keywords within each of the indicated sectors in the UAE include:

The Most Expensive Automotive Keywords: 

1- Economy car hire (English)

2- Best family car (Arabic)

3- Best economic four-wheel-drive vehicle (Arabic)

4- Used car trading (Arabic)

5- Best car 2018 (English)

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Most Expensive Real Estate Keywords:

1- UAE Real-estate (Arabic)

2- Dubai real-estate (Arabic)

3- Apartments for sale in Dubai (Arabic)

4- Real-estate website (Arabic)

5- Villas for sale in Dubai (Arabic)

Most Expensive Banking Keywords:

1- Currency trading (Arabic)

2- Forex trade (Arabic)

3- Credit card offers (Arabic)

4- Credit card (English)

5- Best bank for loans (Arabic)

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Most Expensive Telecoms Keywords:

1- Cloud online storage (English)

2- Safest cloud storage (English)

3- Cloud security (English)

4- Latest mobile-phones (Arabic)

5- Latest smart gadgets (Arabic)