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Ahlibank’s internal audit department attends ACL Foundation course

The Sultanate’s fastest growing bank – ahlibank believes that staff is its most important asset, and invests heavily in staff training and development programmes. In keeping with this, the Bank recently organized a three-day ACL Foundation course for its Internal Audit Department.

ACL is a prominent Computer Assisted Audit Technique (CAAT) tool that is used by banks globally. ACL’s Data Analysis solutions are specifically designed to help risk and control groups, such as Audit, Risk, Compliance, IT or Financial Control professionals perform in-depth analysis of data with ease. The ACL Foundation course was conducted by Jose Chacko, General Manager, CEO and ACL Certified Trainer from Al Osool Al Arabia.

Lloyd Maddock, CEO of ahlibank said, “Supporting the long-term professional development of staff has always been a priority at ahlibank, because it motivates our staff and prepares them to better serve customers. We ensure we provide our staff with periodic training opportunities in alignment with our business strategies from time to time. This is with the goal of building professional knowledge and skills, sharpening market acumen and broadening their perspective.”

He added, “To deliver staff learning and development solutions for business success, our approach is to identify and meet the training needs of all departments. We provide specific product, service and skills training to all front line staff. We also regularly review our training programme, provide job orientation, and define job qualifications in compliance with regulatory requirements. That’s not all, our staff continues to learn and enrich their knowledge and skills through the continuing education opportunities we offer.”

Ahlibank SAOG places high priority on regular training and development of its staff. The bank thus attracts, motivates and retains the best talent, laying the foundation for the bank’s sustainable development in the long term.

As a leading banking and financial solutions provider in the Sultanate, the bank will continue to invest in training and development activities and programmes for the future of both the Bank and its staff.