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Al Falak acquires a new local e-commerce site, complementing to its expansion strategy

Al-Falak Electronic Equipment & Supplies Company, a leading IT and communications solution provider, has announced the acquisition of a new and leading local e-commerce sites,, to complement its expansion strategy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). The move will enable the company to focus on its growth plans in addition to expanding its reach and product portfolio. Al-Falak had previously acquired Mishaal Al-Sudairy Office for Commercial Services (MSO), a leading IT distribution firm, which is now known as Al Falak Distribution.

E-commerce market share in Saudi Arabia will hit SR50 billion by 2015, according to Saudi Post sources. It is consistently adopting new buyers and improving revenue. About 1 in 4 Saudi Internet users are already active in e-commerce, and they visit about 70 million e-commerce pages per month. Reports has indicated that the volume of e-commerce transactions in Saudi Arabia nearly sums up to SAR two billion and a hundred million monthly. Economists and electronic stores’ owners consider that e-commerce fits to the conditions and nature of the Saudi society.

Ahmad Alshadawi, CEO and President of Al-Falak Company, said, “The online store”iPhady” specializes in selling Apple supplies and accessories. Sustaining Al Falak’s leadership through continuous improvements, we have effectively blended IT consultancy with customized IT solutions. We aim to aggressively pursue growth by enhancing iPhady’s current product portfolio and implementing an international expansion and diversification strategy in the future.”

“Al-Falak has a team of qualified professionals which includes internationally-trained IT experts, consultants, specialists and technicians. The combination of our products helps ensure responsiveness to industry standard platform changes, updated systems integration, installation, programming, training and supplies. The adoption of the e-commerce business model in the KSA has been faster than expected, raising the need for us to respond and move ahead with changing market demands. Al-Falak’s new e-commerce division will be headed by Ahmad Al-Aloula, iPhady’s current head, who will be responsible for the management of all our websites, including,” added Alshadawi.

Al-Aloula said: “It is our pleasure to collaborate with Al-Falak given its wide experience in the Saudi IT industry and we expect a greater success for both parties after this acquisition. We are very eager to achieve targeted results through planned strategies and determination.”

“Al Falak is committed to enhance its market footprints through its highly qualified team of technicians. In addition, we are constantly on a lookout for potential partnerships or acquisitions with leading systems, solutions, devices and consumers’ product providers, business consultants and application specialists,” concluded Alshadawi.

Launched in 2011, iPhady has emerged as one of the earliest and most trusted web stores in the KSA with a customer base of more than 1,500 loyal patrons and a unique portfolio of products.