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Al Habtoor Valtrans Transportation Systems & Services appoints new senior manager

Al Habtoor Valtrans has announced the appointment of Hafiz Zubair as new Senior Manager.

Mr Zubair was the Head of Training Acadmey at Valtrans. Mr. Zubair was the Head of Valtrans Traning Academy.

He said:” I’m very pleased about my new job and looking forward to address new challenges in this exciting field”.

Driving and parking vehicles is one of the most important activities Valtrans transportation systems and services have to offer. As such, Valtrans place greater emphasis on safe driving; from the classroom training, to the driving training, to the continuous on-the-job monitoring of our Certified Vehicle Attendants (CVAs) to ensure that they are observing all the safe driving techniques and instructions. .

Mr. Hafiz Zubair, Senior Manager at Valtrans said: “It is extremely important to us to emphasis on safe driving. At each work location, we operate as one team and preventing accidents is a team effort as well as an individual effort. To underscore the team concept, the Driving Safety & Training Department at Valtrans will recommend the winning team for the monthly Driving Safety Award, which will be given to teams that observe safe driving practices and prevent accidents at their respective locations. Additionally, one CVA would be selected monthly for the individual Driving Safety Award. To help individuals and teams reduce accidents, stay safe and receive the aforementioned recognitions, all CVA’s must adhere to Valtrans’ Driving Safety Guidelines”.

Valtrans is UAE’s leading company in the transportation services providing its clients with a brand new fleet of buses and luxury cars as well as professional and experienced Certified Vehicle Drivers (CVDs) who are trained to ensure to deliver passengers and vehicle safely and on time. VALTRANS is also able to provide fully qualified traffic control specialists to look after events needs. We can offer the entire range of services from design of traffic management plans to providing traffic control personnel.