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Al Harthi appointed as Chairman of Arab Beverage Association

The Arab Beverage Association (ABA), an alliance comprising top-level executives from the beverage industry in the Arab World has recently appointed Monther Al Harthi, Chief Executive Office of Al Rabie Saudi Foods Co. Ltd. to be the chairman of ABA.

The appointment was during the founder’s meeting of the association at the Gulf Food Exhibition that took place in Dubai. The (ABA) is a platform for advanced innovation, packaging, flavouring, retail strategies, trends, new products & technology, market and consumer studies.

Al Harthi, CEO of “Al Rabie”, a leading producer of dairy products and juices in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the largest juice manufacturer in the Middle East is elected for he stands as an industry veteran with 25 years of KSA experience. The (ABA) noted that his understanding and commitment to the beverage market made him suitable for this role.

“This is a great honour to lead the Arab Beverage Association, and I will draw on my many years of experience to help drive forward the growth in this industry by encouraging diversity, especially in regards to capitalising on current trends. This is a very welcome initiative as the Arab beverage market is experiencing rapid growth, so it is a great opportunity to gather leading beverage industry executives from the region to share experiences and learn from each other,” Al Harthi noted.

“Al Rabie’s strong reputation and experience will also be beneficial to me in this role, as it is our corporate mission to understand customer needs and deliver healthy and high quality products across all of our product lines,” he added

The (ABA), which was formed in 2007 as an offshoot of the first-ever Arab Beverages Forum, comprises members from leading beverage and dairy companies in the Arab World. It will be based in Beirut, and will inaugurate chapters in the Arab world union.