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Al Taif Technical Services graduates the next group of Emirati Nationals from training program

The Training School at Al Taif Technical Services, proudly announces the graduation of seven Local National Apprentices (LNAs).

On December 31, 2014 Al Taif held a graduation ceremony honoring the seven Emiratis on their accomplishment.

The graduation ceremony is a culmination of the intensive one-year mechanical and electrical training program designed to expand the national workforce within Al Taif. Graduates work in various fields including Maintenance & Production Control or Logistics & Supply, and are placed in accordance with both their aptitude and preference, giving graduates a chance to work in their desired field.

The LNA Program is designed for Emirati high school graduates as a way to both continue their education and advance their career opportunities. During the one-year training program, students undertake training in various fields including: safety, mechanical fundamentals, computer skills and physics. Students can chose to specialize in one of two fields: mechanics or electrical.

After successfully completing the one-year training course, candidates are invited to join Al Taif for an additional one year period of on-the-job training where they complete an intensive maintenance, repair and overhaul syllabus based on tracked or wheeled vehicles, giving them extensive exposure to the classroom learning already completed. Successful candidates are then invited to join Al Taif as full time employees either as mechanics or electricians.

Over the past 18 months, 24 young Emiratis have graduated from the training program and joined Al Taif as full time employees.

Each hire has demonstrated the theoretical and practical knowledge along with the skills required to contribute significantly to Al Taif’s mission. In January of 2015, 16 LNAs will continue their second semester of training. The Training School at Taif Technical Services will also welcome a new class consisting of 25 apprentices at the same time.

Ahmad Bin Adi, CEO of Al Taif, said: “We are delighted to have such a talented group of Emirati nationals joining the Al Taif family. This program is allowing us to foster local talent and create opportunities for the next generation of Emirati youth. It is our continued hope that the program grows each year along with the number of graduates.”

In line with the Governments vision of continued Emiratization, Al Taif is proud to be fostering the next generation of the Emirati workforce through the Training School and LNA program.