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ALF launches Qatar’s unique Alfaisal Social Responsibility Center

Alfaisal Without Borders (ALF) Foundation has officially announced the launch of Alfaisal Social Responsibility Center, Qatar’s first fully dedicated institution to social responsibility.

The center is the first of its kind to introduce a whole new concept in volunteer work by moving from merely serving others to the stage of self-development simultaneously with serving others.

By inaugurating the center, ALF aims at establishing modern social responsibility standards and criteria to serve as benchmarks for future projects directed towards serving the Qatari society before sharing and circulating this experience regionally in preparation of launching it globally.

H.E. Sheikh Mohammed bin Faisal bin Qassim Al-Thani, Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees, ALF Foundation, said, “The launch of Alfaisal Social Responsibility Center under the umbrella of Alfaisal Without Borders Foundation will remarkably contribute to achieving the Foundation’s mission and enhancing its role in serving the society in line with Qatar National Vision 2030. The center will seek to provide a positive environment that instills the concepts of social responsibility and ingrains them into the society to reach the desired positive change, establish bridges of constructive communication, have the ability to influence others positively, share experiences, and exchange knowledge and expertise to enact a comprehensive social revival.”

Abdullatif Ali Al-Yafei, ALF General Manager, praised HE Shaikh Faisal Al-Thani’s directives and attention regarding the launch of the center, and added, “Alfaisal Social Responsibility Center will introduce several unique initiatives and will prepare, organise and conduct spcialised meetings and forums across a wide range of areas including business, entrepreneurship, learning and education. While some of the meetings will be youth-oriented such as behavioural correction, refining personal skills and acquiring new experiences, others will contain general knowledge for all age groups and social segments.”

Alfaisal Social Responsibility Center’s vision, mission, objectives and motto were officially disclosed: “The center’s mission is to implement pioneering social initiatives, projects and programmes that actively contribute to promoting self- and social responsibility and preparing leaders in this regard, establishing an incubator environment for self- and social development, and boosting the spirit of human cooperation and communication among all peoples for a better world. The center will launch new initiatives and programmes directed towards serving the Qatari society,” added Al-Yafei.

A presentation outlined a number of initiatives and programmes topping the center’s agenda for the upcoming stage: “Alfaisal Social Responsibility Center will soon launch ‘Ramadan this year is an achievement’, a self-development programme for enhancing self-discipline and accomplishing goals starting with the Holy Month. The center is also expected to launch ‘Zad’, an international initiative that ignites its spark in Qatar and aims at controlling consumer behaviour and reducing the global wastage of food resources. The initiative also seeks to spread the culture of rationalisation and disciplined consumption through several innovative projects and programmes under the motto ‘Food, preserve it to increase’,” said Ali Ma’re, Executive Director of ALF Foundation.

The announcement of the Center’s launch is particularly important being concurrent with the month of Ramadan, and it crowns ALF’s accomplishments during the Holy Month. A dedicated pavilion has been set up for Alfaisal Social Responsibility Center on the first floor of the City Center Doha Mall, where a group of the center’s team members will be communicating with the public to introduce the center’s vision, mission and objectives, and guide people on how join the center’s team of volunteers.

Established in 2011 by H.E. Sheikh Faisal bin Qassim Al-Thani, Alfaisal Without Borders Foundation seeks to offer qualitative, carefully selected and systematically studied programmes and projects, providing the highest levels of social support services insides and outside Qatar.

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