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AmCham Abu Dhabi assumes chairmanship role for AmCham MENA Regional Council

The AmCham MENA Regional Council (“AmCham MENA”) met in Morocco this week for its Annual Board meeting. This year’s meeting marked the transfer of AmCham MENA’s Chairmanship from AmCham Tunis (the 2011-2013 Council Chair) to AmCham Abu Dhabi. Mr. Matthew E. Byrd, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of AmCham Abu Dhabi, now serves as AmCham MENA’s new Chair for a two-year term.

AmCham MENA was established in 2005 and comprises the AmChams of Abu Dhabi-UAE, Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine and Tunisia. The overriding objective of AmCham MENA is to promote greater business opportunities between the U.S., the Middle East, and North Africa region. The Council’s permanent Secretariat resides at AmCham Egypt.

AmCham MENA is one of four regional councils that constitute the Global AmCham Network: 1) the Association of American Chambers of Commerce in Latin America ( – 23 AmChams); 2) the American Chambers of Commerce in Europe ( – 49 AmChams) and 3) The Asia-Pacific Council of American Chambers of Commerce ( – 28 AmChams).

AmCham MENA seeks to foster regional cooperation by coordinating efforts among AmChams to promote greater business opportunities between the United States and the Middle East North Africa region. The Council’s goals and values include commitment to free trade, opening of regional markets, protection of intellectual property rights, and accession to international agreements. Free trade agreements (FTAs) between MENA countries and the United States are also a priority for the Council.

“AmCham Abu Dhabi, through the key Subcommittees, looks forward to working closely with all AmCham MENA chapters, and with the other three regional councils to aggregate AmCham members’ voices in unison with those of AmCham’s other regional councils,” said Byrd. “We are pleased and proud to be working on regional initiatives with the impressive support of our AmCham MENA secretariat in Cairo – AmCham Egypt.”

In 2011 AmCham Abu Dhabi established separately the Exports, FDI and Taxation and the Arabian Gulf Subcommittees for engaging in advocacy efforts in the USA. For the past two years AmCham Abu Dhabi has contracted with a Washington, D.C.-based lobbyist to engage in lobbying efforts on legislation of importance to its Members.