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Android launches Arabic version of new Jellybean OS

Android's new Jellybean operating system is providing more support for Arabic, Farsi and other right-to-left languages.

Jelly Bean builds on its predecessor, Ice Cream Sandwich, offering Arabic as one of the User-Interface (UI) languages and also offers system Apps have been localised and support Arabic fonts. New Jelly Bean features are also available for developers in the region to create new apps for Arabic users.

Arabic font “Droid Naskh” has been optimised, resulting in beautiful rendering on Arabic text. Arabic glyphs have been optimized for web browsing in addition to text input. These new features are also available in open source for developers in the region to develop new more localised apps for Arabic users.

Every second, 12 new Android devices are activated around the world – more than one million a day. To date, more than 400 million Android devices have now been activated-up from 100 million last June, calling for more language support from Google.