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Anghami partners with Huawei to offer RBT activation in addition to music streaming.

Anghami, the leading mobile music application in the Middle East and North Africa region with over 5 million downloads, announced a partnership with Huawei, a major global information and communications technology solutions provider, to enable Anghami users to easily activate ringback tones (RBT) with a single click while streaming music. Both teams will be integrating the Huawei RBT API in Anghami’s app and working on bridging Anghami’s telecom partners VAS services.

RBT allows mobile phone owners to replace the standard call-waiting tone with their favorite song, thereby allowing them to express themselves through their favourite song. Adding RBT as a feature in Anghami will emphasize Anghami’s mission to make music a more social experience and add to the user’s choices of sharing with their friends privately or on social networks.

RBT is a major VAS revenue generator for telecom operators and music labels in MENA. Anghami has successfully partnered with 11 telecom operators in the region to date including Mobily KSA, Alfa Lebanon and Vodafone Qatar more recently, launching both telco billing for its premium service and exciting bundles that provide unlimited mobile streaming and downloads, as well as dedicated music data for customers.

Anghami is excited about this collaboration that will benefit its users, its content partners and its telco partners. Anghami co-founder Eddy Maroun notes “We are delighted with our partnership with Huawei, the world’s largest vendor in RBT platforms, because it allows us to become a more complete platform for music. We will also be able to help business partners, which are directly contributing to our growth with their marketing activities, benefit from the Anghami user base while driving new revenue streams together.”