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APC supports Wadi Araba Municipalities, welfare organizations, and schools

In the context of its annual Ramadan Welfare packages campaign, the Arab Potash Company (APC) distributed this year 500 packages for needy families in the Wadi Araba area through welfare organizations operating in the area.

And as in the context of its efforts to support social development work throughout the Kingdom, APC provided JD30,000 to ten welfare organizations to support their development activities in Wadi Araba, one of the areas most in need of development in the Kingdom.

APC also provided a tractor with all its requirements, valued at more than JD41,000 Nahr Al Ataa’ Association, to serve farmers in the entire Araba region.

And in cooperation with the Princess Alia Foundation, APC provided a bus for special needs persons for Al Amani Association for the Care of Special needs Persons. Also in cooperation with the Princess Alia Foundation, APC will support the solar energy project that use solar energy for lighting and heating and cooling schools in Wadi Araba.

And as part of its program to support municipalities, APC is working with the Municipality of Wadi Araba and AL Reeshah, and the Municipality of Al Greigrah and Finan to tender for the purchase of waste compressors to the value of JD120,000 this year.

It is Noteworthy that the Arab Potash Company is one of the leading corporations in Jordan in investing in local communities in all parts of the Kingdom, in embodiment of the Public-Private Sector Partnership to advance all areas of Jordan, leading to sustainable development.

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