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Watch: The Fall war of the “Big Apple” vs Samsung SX” smartphones coming up

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman discussed Apple’s plans to release a trio of new smartphones later this year with Emily Chang on “Bloomberg Technology.”

The bigger story is Apple’s bigger phone, a 6.5 inch screen, also the largest mainstream smartphone, topping the Note8 which has a 6.3 inch.

“There is also going to be an update of i-phone 10 design, plus a cheaper model that will have most of the features that people like in the i-phone10,” said Gurman.

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But why go bigger?

“It will appeal to business people but also users in Asia who are single device user, i.e. who use one piece of technology to watch TV, email, work versus spreading these activities over a phone, tablet, and laptop,” added Gurman.

Is the competition standing still?

“Samsung’s new S9 is not much different than the S8, because the company is holding their fire until the fall, when they will release their newest Galaxy, let’s call it SX, a flexible, foldable, digital, hi-tech screen, which will start a Fall war with the big Apple.”

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