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Revolutionary Artificial Intelligence from Saal: Re-imagine how you live

Saal, an innovative technology company based in Abu Dhabi, has today launched – a revolutionary artificial intelligence (AI) framework, an enabler, ready to transcend and redefine current practices across industries and fuel economic and social growth.

Capable of cognitive tasks such as reasoning, inference and retrieval, using data collected from multi-modal sensor inputs, uses advanced computing and machine learning techniques to perform actions in the AI world that mimics the real world. has drawn inspiration from neuroscience and psychology on how humans solve problems, in conjunction with the power of Natural Language Processing (NLP), Computer Vision, Automatic Speech Recognition and Graph Theory.

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“Saal’s mission is simple; it aims to make technology think and learn, creating exponential growth opportunities for humanity,” said Dr. Saleh Al Hashemi, Chief Executive Officer of Algorythma.

“With a framework able to augment human capabilities beyond imagination, and facilitate opportunities to solve some of the world’s most pressing issues, Saal endeavors to play a significant part in the realization of the United Arab Emirates’ AI ambitions, taking them to the global scale.”

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Saal endeavors to positively impact humanity has been built to become the intelligent partner that can turn human interactions and data into valuable, meaningful, results-oriented intelligence across a multitude of industries.

With several products born of its framework – in the education and knowledge field,’s knowledge partner for students, now in the deployment stage, continues to show results of enhanced learning by fostering curiosity and engagement.

Saal, which has been incubated at Algorythma for the past 24 months, brings together a passionate team of computer science, data science, neuroscience, industry and psychology experts.

All of whom have joined forces to design and build a solution that seeks to realize the ambition of positively impacting humanity.

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