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ASQ MENA ushers in world quality month with quality event

ASQ celebrated WQM and the launch of its Middle East and North Africa (MENA) office on Nov. 12 in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with a networking event designed to promote knowledge and best practice sharing and celebrate the achievements of those who contribute to the quality movement and raise the “global voice of quality.”

A tribute was given to quality professionals for work to make the world a better and more prosperous place.

The event, organized by the executive team at ASQ’s MENA office and ASQ’s Dubai and Abu Dhabi LMCs, lasted into the evening hours and was held at the Dubai Centre for Special Needs’ functions hall. There was wide participation from professionals from across industries, and key speakers and experts shared quality best practices.

The event was sponsored by Union National Bank, Abela & Co., HTP Global Technologies, Meirc Training & Consulting, Exceed IT Services and Kimoha Entrepreneurs Limited.

The event commenced with a welcome note by Nancy Nouaimeh, the Dubai LMC chair. Sunil Thawani, an ASQ fellow and global advisory committee ASQ country counsellor presented interesting facts and a quick glimpse into the lives of quality gurus.

The first guest speaker, Christopher Daniels, quality director of Parsons, enlightened the audience on the continuous improvement for project delivery. He presented the shared service model adopted by Parsons and explained its benefits in project delivery.

An interesting presentation entitled “Implementing an Enterprise-wide Quality Program” was delivered by Prashant Hoskote, the senior director of quality and service excellence of the Max India Group in India. He spoke about a comprehensive approach to driving quality across a multi-organizational, multi-industry enterprise and fostering a common approach to an enterprise-wide quality management system.

Amitava Giri of the Dubai LMC provided insights on the ASQ Global State of Quality research, a ground-breaking initiative that identifies quality successes and opportunities around the world. This unprecedented, worldwide research took nearly a year and a half to complete and is comprised of 2,000 survey responses from organizations in more than 22 countries.

The LMCs organized a quality quiz and a quality tools game that engaged the audience engaged. Quality quiz gave the audience an opportunity to test their quality knowledge and win instant prizes. The quality tools game encouraged teamwork as the audience solved a case study-style problem using quality tools.

An interactive panel discussion focused on the question: Culture, strategy or leadership-which is most important to achieve an effective quality management program in an organization? The panel members included Lance Aird of EPPCO LLC, Abdulqader Ali of Dubai World and Brian Baxter of LRQA. Alaa Garad of ECT moderated the discussion.

Other highlights of the jam-packed event include:
Nouaimeh, Dubai LMC chair, shared ASQ memberships benefits, including upgrading from full to senior membership.

Muna Sa’id, members lead- Abu Dhabi LMC, shared ASQ learning institute features and career development opportunities offered to ASQ members.

Thawani, country counsellor, spoke about ASQ’s journey and its evolution in the UAE from 1998 to 2013, which included growing membership in the region from 17 members in 1998 to 450 in 2013.
John Fowler, managing director of ASQ Global, attended the celebration and formally announced the launch of ASQ’s MENA office.

Saleh Janeeh, former DQG chair spoke about the strategic partnership between ASQ and DQG and its key benefits to the members.

All the sponsors, speakers, winners of quality tool game and the organizing team were recognized by Fowler and Thawani.

The event was concluded with a cake cutting ceremony in celebration of WQM and the MENA office launch.