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Audi Middle East appoints new MD

Only weeks after reporting a successful 2007 with a sales increase of 38.2% Audi Middle East has now announced a new Managing Director for the region.

Australian Jeff Mannering is the first in the succession of Managing Directors to be appointed directly from within the ranks of the organisation. In addition to Mannering’s leadership skills and knowledge of the organisation, his orientation towards Aftersales excellence as the backbone of the automotive business were deciding factors.

43 year old Jeff Mannering has been in the automotive industry since 1982. After fifteen years with two major Japanese brands he moved to Audi Aftersales where he spent eight years with Audi Australia and a further two years as Head of Aftersales of Audi Middle East. Among his most notable achievements for the region was the set up of the Middle East Training Center as well as Parts Distribution Center with an overall investment of approximately USD 10 million.

Mannering on his appointment,

“This appointment is a great honour for me and I intend to fulfil the high expectations that have been placed in me and Audi Middle East. While sales are going strong and new models arrive to the market, we will further focus on strengthening our dealerships through training and Aftersales service development.”

Jeff Mannering is married with three children.