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Bahrain Bourse installs largest financial outdoor display in Middle East

Bahrain Bourse partners with Wavetec for its complete and fully customized end-to-end solution, taking into account all Information display and management system expectations.

The outdoor LED ticker was installed at the façade of the Bahrain Financial Harbor Complex building.

Being a financial hub, the ticker at Bahrain Bourse disseminates real-time financial information coupled with complete transparency of all the transactions taking place and also to serve as means of marketing and communication. This allows complete disclosure and transparency on all levels at the Bourse and also in the capital market.

This unique solution was an engineering challenge and a marvel on its own. Considering Bahrain experiences extremely hot summers and temperature reaches up to 48°C, it becomes extremely difficult to make the viewing angles visible. Moreover, the ticker itself emits heat and that coupled with the surrounding temperature makes it a much tougher challenge.

Wavetec specializes in LED Display Solutions and have a number of challenging installations under their belt; therefore they were the preferred vendors for this project. Prior to this installation, Wavetec had already installed a turnkey Indoor display solution at Bahrain Stock Exchange which included a total of 10 curved full-color L.E.D. Display walls each measuring 2 meters by 5 meters. Moreover, the turnkey Indoor display project also included two curved L.E.D. tickers, one measuring 60 meters and the other 6 meters, were installed to show the current trading prices of all the stocks.

The ticker project included design, consultancy, architectural framework, structural development, mechanical, IT and electrical work. The ticker deployed at Bahrain Bourse was made using the best LED technology by Nichia, a leading LED manufacturer from Japan. The solution consisted of a 64×2 linear meters, fully colored ticker with Wavetec’s information display solution which was then integrated with Bahrain Bourse’s own data feed. The LED ticker has a 16bit color and 8 bit automatic dimming capabilities which ensures high quality video and image viewing from a very far distance.

The ticker displays information such as the rates, prices, shares, news, videos and marketing messages thus ensuring transparency at all levels. From the initial meetings to the final commissioning of the ticker, the project took 42 weeks which also included training and testing of the system. This is one of the very major projects which Wavetec has executed recently, as it is the biggest LED project commissioned worldwide. The ticker is integrated with Bahrain Bourse trading engine and has the capability to disseminate information in milliseconds.