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BisB promotes five managers to senior leading positions

Following the release of excellent and record financial results for the first half of this year with a leap of around 144% compared to the same period of 2007, Bahrain Islamic Bank (BisB) has announced the promotion of a number of its managers whose continuous achievements and impressive performance and loyalty to the Bank have enabled it to achieve its objectives.

On this occasion, BisB Chief Executive Mr. Mohammed Ebrahim Mohammed, expressed his sincere congratulations to the promoted Managers and said: “We in BisB have a tradition of rewarding our hard working staff and motivating the sincere employees for their dedication to this Bank. Such promotions are only part of a series of recognition efforts based upon honoring all the loyal and sincere members of the staff.”

He added: “Last week we announced the Bank’s financial results for the first half of this year which were the results of effort and hard work of all the Bank’s staff members and are indeed record results for the first time in the Bank’s history of around three decades. In appreciation of their efforts, we announce this recognition as part of the Bank’s policy of promotions and offering benefits to all members of the staff, who are rewarded in the manner appropriate to their performance.”

Concluding, Mr. Mohammed Ebrahim Mohammed expressed the hope that the Bank’s policy would provide an incentive for motivating the hard working employees of the Bank.

The promoted managers are the following:

1. Mr. A. Razaq A. Khaliq Abdulla was promoted to
Assistant General Manager Central Operations.

2. Mr. Mohammed A.Wahid Alkhaja was promoted to
Senior Manager Central Operations.

3. Mr. Ahmed Mirza was promoted to Senior Manager Policies and Procedures.

4. Mr. Saad Mustafa Al Aadhami was promoted to
Senior Manager General Services.

5. Mr. Khalid Mohammed Alkhayat was promoted to
Senior Manager Corporate Communications.

Meanwhile, the managers unanimously expressed their satisfaction at this recognition, which coincided with the record financial results realized by the Bank that added another dimension to the promotions.

The senior executives promised the Chief Executive to make more effort for the growth and prosperity of the Bank.

Bahrain Islamic Bank (BisB) has the highest level of Bahrainisation among all banks in Bahrain, reaching a level of 98% of the total workforce of 346 staff members.