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Career turnaround: Avoid habits that keep you down

In our pursuit of success, failure often wins out and we are left wondering what took place. Haven’t we done all that it takes from what leaders, or books tell us? 

Ah, but it’s something much closer to us that is often the difference maker to the worse.

Human nature. It brings out mistakes that makes people unhappy, unmotivated and broke.

14 Habits you need to avoid  

 In no particular order…

1-All talk no action 

“I’m training for a marathon.” “I’m starting a business.”  You are everything but Nike’s “Just do it”. You re a claimer and not a doer. So if you don’t intend on doing keep it to yourself and don’t broadcast it. 

2. Surrounding yourself with losers 

You are what you eat but also who you hang out with. Your closest friends could be your most powerful enemies when it comes to draining your energy and preventing your from reaching your goals. Choose new friends. Change scenery.  

3-Complain complain complain

Stop pointing out the bad in everything you see. Stop complaining about your bad luck, your unfortunate past, and your unlikely future.  

4. You don’t do tomorrow what you should have done yesterday

 Procrastinating is the ultimate dream killer.  New and novel experiences are what makes life beautiful.  

5- You don’t seek

Not being curious about how things work or don’t work is a sure way to remain stuck where you are. Today, access to information is easier than it’s ever been.  Search, read, research, and ask questions

6- you give up too easy

“The most certain way to succeed,” Thomas Edison once said, “is always to try just one more time.” Success comes after first failing time and time again.

7- You see problems in opportunity.

You see the problems but never the solutions. Every little bit of difficulty is exaggerated to the point of tragedy. 

8- You fail to listen

Taking advice is hard for you and you reject suggestions because it will make you feel inferior. What you call bold thinking is nothing but false bravado. 

9- No guts lead to no glory 

If there are two roads to choose from, incompetent people would choose the wider road with less rewards than the narrower road with much better rewards at the end. They don’t want any suffering or hardship. They want a good life. But a little sacrifice can go a long way. 

10- You’re consistently late

Sure, things happen, but consistent tardiness is typically unacceptable in a professional setting. Showing up late makes you look careless and unreliable.

11- Revenge on your mind

 You hold grudges which is a waste of your valuable time and energy, and is bad for your health, as  an article for Web MD, by Mike Fillon cited. Let go and think let’s go. 

12- You aim to please instead of excel 

If you devote all your time to blending in, you’ll never stand out. Stop caring intently about what others think and falling in line just for the sake of getting along. Do what works for you.

13- You lead an unhealthy life

You don’t take care of yourself and don’t maintain your health. Don’t allow stress to drive you to neglect exercise, eat poorly, and neglect yourself. Sooner or later, those choices will catch up to you and might just derail your life.

14- Bad posture

Body language makes a big difference in how people perceive us — it’s often more important than what you verbally say.

That’s why bad body language habits — like poor eye contact and slumping posture are so damaging.