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Cisco continues to reimagine collaboration for customers in UAE

Cisco is continuing to reimagine the way we connect with those inside and outside of our organisations by delivering three new personal collaboration tools designed to help get highly collaborative work done without technology hassles getting in the way – new DX70 and DX80 desktop collaboration devices, and IP Phone 8800 Series.

People who are working together on the same team or task aren’t necessarily on the same continent let, alone in the same room-but they need to feel as if they are so they can do their best, most inspired work. Now, more than ever, businesses in the UAE must provide every worker-not just top executives-with tools that allow them to collaborate at a moment’s notice, without technology hassles, so they can get work done.

The innovations that Cisco has announced will help its customers in the UAE to quickly and simply connect people, conversations, and data in ways that can rapidly accelerate business outcomes-and they are priced to scale to every worker.

“The new DX70 and DX80 were designed from the ground up to provide the best collaboration experience for every desk in an enterprise in the UAE,” said Wael Abdulal, Collaboration Manager, Cisco UAE. “They are truly mind-blowing devices. Users can now have their own always-on private meeting room to collaborate with anyone on any device at any time.”

On the desktop: personal collaboration devices that are fit for a CEO, but priced for every worker

Somewhere in the pursuit of the perfect collaboration environment, workers’ desktops became cluttered with technologies purpose-built for specific tasks (e.g., voice-only phones, webcams, and monitors).

Having so many different technologies for unique tasks clearly adds cost for the company and complexity for the IT manager who must support them; it also adds frustration for users, who have different experiences as they move between different devices and collaboration modalities throughout the day:

• Cisco aims to solve this with its new DX70 and DX80 desktop collaboration devices. Similar to how smart phones revolutionised the lives of many people in the UAE, the Android-based DX70 and DX80 each streamlines and simplifies work lives by providing access to all the top tools and applications that highly collaborative work requires. While this integrated desktop experience is fit for a CEO, it is priced to scale to every worker.

• Marking our 15th year of innovation in IP phones, Cisco is also introducing the IP Phone 8800 Series. This series is the best-performing audio IP phone we’ve ever delivered. It also includes USB ports on select models for easy mobile-device charging, and Cisco Intelligent Proximity for Mobile Voice, so workers can import contacts and call history, or move the audio path of a voice or video call-in-progress from their mobile device to their 8800 Series desk phone.

While endpoints and experiences tend to get the limelight, Cisco’s collaboration infrastructure is what makes it all happen; the infrastructure powers our industry-leading portfolio of voice, video, and conferencing services and endpoints, and simplifies the delivery of meaningful and effective business communications to any device, anywhere. And so Cisco is also making significant updates with its infrastructure offerings. Some key areas that have been enhanced are in user self-care and single sign on (SSO), mobile call security, application integration, and video interworking.

“Only Cisco is offering its customers the unique opportunity to combine this amazing hardware, the incredible software, and the powerful network to provide anyone with their own dedicated collaboration space in the cloud – and on their desk,” concluded Abdulal.

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