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Comium new CEO appointment

International telecom provider The Comium Group Holding announced the appointment of a new CEO to C-Mobile Group, its GSM Division, Mr. Jurgen Peetz. Mr. Peetz is a veteran of the telecom industry who was the Managing Director of One, the third mobile operator in Austria, and former Vice President with Nokia Networks Germany.

Mr. Peetz also has extensive experience on the African continent as a senior management consultant for several mobile operations in The Gambia and Sierra Leone.

Comium has been successfully expanding its operations in Africa, acquiring mobile licenses in five African nations, the most recent being in Burundi, an African state with rising potential, witnessing economic growth and promising prospects with only 6% mobile penetration rate and an 8 million strong population.

In 2007, Comium entrenched its success in Africa and its commitment to its customers by reaching its target of 1 Million subscribers.

As CEO of C-Mobile, Mr. Peetz will play an important role in Comium’s growth and expansion on the African continent, providing its customers with the highest quality products and the best service to meet their needs.

Dr. Nizar Dalloul, Chairman of the Comium Group Holding, emphasized that “2008 is only the beginning for Comium as we go even further in developing our capabilities, offering our customers best-in-class products and services and contributing to the communities we operate in.” Dr. Dalloul also added: “At Comium, above all, we are committed to our people, and the addition of such experienced talent as Mr. Peetz to our team is at the heart of our company’s success”.

Comium’s vision for Africa is driven by the unlimited potential that the continent has to offer and its four main African operations in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ivory Coast and The Gambia are dedicated to corporate responsibility and respect for local culture and traditions.

As such, Comium continuously strives to help improve Africans’ quality of life by elevating standards of communication and positively contributing to economic and social development.

Mr. Peetz expressed his confidence in Comium, emphasizing that “Comium will be a major player in the African mobile communication market.” Furthermore, he added: “We at Comium will continue to fulfill Africans’ daily communication needs, through our new products and innovative services. Africans identify with Comium, because Comium is an inherent part of the African community and culture”.

The Comium Group is a leading Lebanese-owned telecommunications company, chaired by Dr. Nizar Dalloul, operating as a multi-service provider on four continents.

Comium specializes in GSM communications, Wireless Data Communications, VoIP, and Internet service provision.

The Group is a stalwart in the Middle East and West Africa regions with growing operations in North and South America and Europe.