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Infographic: How to sell to the wealthiest consumers on the planet

If you are told that the top 1% of Internet users make up the world’s wealthiest consumers, would you believe that?

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Well, a research survey has come with many such interesting findings.

The study by Global Web Index has put a spotlight on the purchase journey of the world’s wealthiest Internet users, uncovering the key touchpoints along the path to purchase including how they discover, research and recommend brands.



The research has touched upon some very interesting findings, such as what characteristics define these consumers, how do they discover new brands, and which channels are most effective for engaging them?

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So who are they?

Let’s explore these richest consumers in numbers.

– One-third of the top 1% don’t have a university degree.

– 46% are senior managers, directors or c-suites.

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– 41% are female at an average age of 36.

– 20% discover new brands through printed newspapers or magazines.