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84% of your customers expect you to create content

By SILX: Helping companies do content marketing right

In a competitive UAE market, content marketing can make the difference.  Are you talking to your customers?

Are you really engaging with them in a way that nurtures the relationship and leads to sales? And does so efficiently, with less investment than traditional marketing?

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Content marketing delivers conversion rates 6x higher than other methods

Content marketing is the perfect answer to customers who are tired of non-stop promotional messages. Give them something that is of genuine value to them, that solves a problem, and that trust will lead to a relationship, and generate sales.

61% of online consumers made a purchase after reading a blog

In fact, content marketing has been around for 100 years. And today, 84% of consumers expect brands to create content.

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So here is how content marketing puts your company ahead of the UAE competition:

-Don’t lose valuable leads: A content campaign means that leads which come in but are not yet ready to buy are nurtured rather than lost.

-Stop handing over valuable leads to your competition: If you’re not doing content, you can be your competitors are. So who will they remember when the time comes to make a purchase?

-Improve your ad campaigns: Content brings more creativity and trust to your ad campaigns – and a chance to convert that split-second moment when a customer sees your ad.

-Get featured in the press – at no extra cost: Open your reach to millions of readers – great content finds its way into the top publications for your industry, without paying for it.

-Enhance your SEO efforts: If you are spending on SEO, content amplifies those efforts, boosting organic placement.

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Adding content to your digital mix will save you money in 2019 – to give you maximum reach and impact. Content stretches your overall marketing efforts, gaining great ROI.

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