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CrediMax promotes two outstanding employees

With an aim of encouraging and promoting the young workforce, CrediMax, the Kingdom's pioneering card issuer recently congratulated two of their outstanding employees, Mr. Mohammed Redha Al A'ali and Mr. Ali Mohammed Saeed on their promotion to the posts of Manager, Heading the Card Operations Unit and Officer, Heading the Authorizations Section respectively.

As a result of their distinguished performance and their faithful years of service at CrediMax , Mr. Mohammed Al A’ali and Mr. Ali Saeed were promoted to the new posts they hold today.

‘It’s wonderful to see our employees grow under the direction of our management team. I would like to congratulate Mr. Mohammed Redha and Mr. Ali Saeed on their promotions and wish them the very best in their new roles.’ said Mr. Mohammed Malik, CEO, CrediMax.

Prior to his promotion, Mr. Mohammed Al A’ali had been working within various departments at CrediMax like heading the Card embossing and Authorization Section, Heading the Merchant Loyalty Program and being the Head of Card Security Department previously. ‘I am very delighted to get this promotion. Managing the Cards Operations unit with both Issuing and Acquiring sides are a big responsibility and has given me excellent career exposure for further development. The new promotion and the new position I’ve obtained emphasizes the management’s trust in my capabilities which I am really proud of,’ said Mr. Al A’ali.

Mr. Ali Mohammed Saeed previously held the position of Head of Production and Distribution, and Supervisor of Authorization Section at CrediMax Customer Services Department prior to the new post of Officer that he holds today. ‘I am very delighted to get this promotion. Dealing with credit cards and customer services is a big responsibility. A new promotion means new responsibilities and I am glad that the management has provided me with this wonderful opportunity to prove and enhance my capabilities,’ said Mr. Ali Mohammed Saeed.

CrediMax is a major employer within the financial services sector, with 100% of its staff being Bahraini nationals. Promotions at CrediMax are aimed to elevate the level of services that the company provides to its customers.

CrediMax leads the way in providing utmost privileges, opportunities and benefits to its customers through their innovative and awarding schemes.