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Cyberoam conducts next-generation network security seminars in Bahrain and Qatar

Cyberoam, a leading global provider of network security appliances, conducted network security seminars in Bahrain and Qatar addressing the emerging security needs for key regional sectors. Cyberoam used the platform to sensitize CXOs on network security challenges as Virtualization, BYOD and cloud begin to grow as disruptive IT trends.

Attended by IT and security decision makers from different verticals, the seminars highlighted the need for next-generation security appliances that could help CXOs with holistic security, enabling them to harness disruptive trends securely.

The seminars were jointly handled by Cyberoam and its partners Aljabor and Canar trading at Radission Blu and K hotel respectively in Qatar and Bahrain.

“The security seminar organized by Cyberoam provided useful insights into the evolving threat landscape and helped understand potential impact of IT trends on businesses. I see businesses in Qatar benefiting immensely with Cyberoam’s network security portfolio as it brings next-generation security features together with a balanced approach on performance, flexibility and price. Cyberoam also brings global case studies including enterprise and government customers from the Middle East region, which provides reliable testimony to their network security innovations,” said Mr. Titus John ,Head of Business operation Aljabor Business system Qatar.

Participants were provided with key insights into how security should be seen with evolving forces of IT and changing nature of threats. Cyberoam explained to the audience that security will no longer be limited to just the investment of few solutions to protect the endpoint or the network; it will now become decisive in securing users and clients to protecting inter exposed business apps to safeguarding mobile devices to gaining security controls and visibility into assets placed in virtual and cloud environments.

IT security risks in Bahrain and Qatar have evolved from isolated network manifestations to large scale DoS attacks, and networks are used as a platform to defame websites in the political context. Events like Stuxnet and Shamoon are still afresh that tried to shake ICS. Proliferation of mobile devices and social media, exponential use of internet, and the huge data explosion, is compounding the security threats in these regions.

“We observe a growing number of organizations including government establishments beefing up IT security measures in the wake of rising concerns for cyber security, and it is timely that we conducted this road-show, which garnered great response from regional CXOs and culminated in a huge success. Both Bahrain and Qatar represent rapidly evolving markets and shall support us building on our success in the Middle East region as we strive to take our proven network security to more businesses, staying a reliable partner in securing IT led network transformation,” said Ravinder Janotra, Regional Sales Manager, Middle East, Cyberoam.

“I could strongly relate with Cyberoam’s presentation, highlighting emerging security concerns arising from the growing impact of social, mobile, cloud and other trends. Even as we were thinking about how social engineering attacks can impact our networks, Cyberoam presented us with their network security portfolio that has formidable answers to counter evolved security threats. With Layer-8 user-identity security, on-appliance reporting capabilities and flexi-ports, Cyberoam provides enterprise-grade security and flexibility needed for today’s businesses. I observe Cyberoam’s user-focused security control extremely critical in strengthening IT and network security of our organization,” said Mr. Anil Bhagwan – General Manager Canar Trading Bahrain.

Partnering with a global customer base spanning over 125+ countries, Cyberoam brings network security that yields answers for key pain points faced by businesses of all size. From enabling layer-8 user identity based reporting, EAL4+ certified firewall protection, BYOD visibility, protection for virtual environments, comprehensive coverage for key business apps to actionable intelligence based security, Cyberoam provides cutting-edge answers for mission-critical enterprise networks.

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