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DMCA successfully concludes ‘Maritime Emergency Response’ training

The Dubai Maritime City Authority (DMCA), the government authority charged with regulating, coordinating and supervising all aspects of Dubai’s maritime sector, has successfully concluded its ‘Quick Response for Maritime Emergency’ training.

The program is part of the authority’s continuing efforts to raise the level of response readiness, ensure maritime safety, promote safe navigation and operational efficiency across the local coastline and reinforce Dubai’s position as a world-class maritime centre.

The training was highlighted by a simulation exercise that saw a man falling into the waters of the Lakes area and executing his rescue. The responding team was composed of 36 participants from the DMCA, Exclusive Company and Dubai Marina.

Mohammed Al Bastaki, Director of Maritime Operations Management, DMCA, explained: that “The training exercise was successful as a result of effective communication exchange, strategic maneuvering and execution of the proper standards and guidelines-which were all in full compliance with the regulations set by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). Al Bastaki further shared that the rescue operation took only one hour, from the emergency call reporting the situation to the transport of the rescued patient via ambulance. The impressive results generated from the training exercise demonstrate the efficiency and readiness of DMCA’s response team. According to Al Bastaki, the Authority remains fully committed in implementing more training courses that will further improve and enhance DMCA’s ability to address maritime emergencies, thereby raising the bar on the performance, safety, efficiency and competitiveness of the local maritime sector.”

Al Bastaki said: “The DMCA always endeavors to ensure the highest level of maritime safety in Dubai’s territorial waters, which has inspired us to develop qualitative initiatives with relevant maritime-based organizations and agencies. In line with this, maritime safety remains as one of our top priorities. This commitment to safety has prompted us to consolidate our ties with partners from both the public and private sector, in order to ensure compliance with set guidelines on environmental and maritime safety, particularly across the use of marine crafts and vessels within local waters. Training programs like these play a significant part in our efforts to develop a modern and safe maritime sector for the emirate.”

The DMCA has recently launched and implemented a series of initiatives that are aimed at improving the security, protection and safety of the local maritime sector. An example of these initiatives is the Authority’s ‘Maritime Safety Policy’ project, which represents a strategic framework that ensures the enhancement of the integrated approach towards maritime safety and the development and regulation of all aspects of the local maritime sector in line with best international practices.