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Dnata moves into luxury hotel representation

Dnata Travel Services has announced a further expansion to its portfolio of luxury products and services with the creation of Luxury Hotels by Dnata.

The new division is dedicated to representing the world’s most luxurious hotels in the Middle East and will offer sales, marketing and PR support to raise their profile in the region.

Veronica Posteraro, Product Development Manager, Luxury Hotels by Dnata, said:

“The Middle East is becoming an increasingly important market for top end luxury hotels around the world. The focus of attention is shifting towards this region, where there is a wealth of travelers for whom the option of staying in luxury surroundings in niche, boutique hotels is more important than the cost.”

“At the same time, these hotels sometimes have very little experience of this market and that is where Luxury Hotels by Dnata comes in. At Dnata we have unrivalled local knowledge, experience and expertise in the region, together with an unbeatable portfolio of products and services, many of them at the luxury end of the market.

“Luxury Hotels by Dnata has very strict guidelines for the type of hotel we will represent, because we want to ensure each hotel is truly special. We are not looking to work with global chains, but rather with niche, boutique hotels, which have 5 stars and less than 300 bedrooms.

“We will only represent a maximum of three hotels in any one location and initially we are looking at destinations which are easily accessible from Dubai.

“I am confident that Dnata’s expertise in the Middle East travel industry together with some of the most desirable properties in the world will prove to be an unbeatable combination.”

This move completes the luxury offering for Dnata’s retail clients who can now book a private jet from Luxury Air Travel by Dnata, choose their hotel from those represented by Luxury Hotels by Dnata and book the hotel in The Holiday Lounge by Dnata.