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Dubai Chamber Emiratisation percentage is at all-time high

After employing 64% nationals in higher management positions, Dubai Chamber is targeting 50% Emiratisation this year as it introduces new incentives to make itself a more attractive employer in the job market

Under its Emiratisation process and as part of its new strategy to attract more qualified national workforce, Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry has appointed two national directors for its Human Resources and the Corporate Communication and Customer Service departments.

With these new appointments the percentage of Emiratisation process in the higher management category at the Chamber has reached 64% as the august body sets a 50% Emiratisation target for the current year.

Among the new appointees are Azzah Al Sharhan and Leena Al Abbas.

Newly-appointed as the Executive Director of Human Resources, Azzah was previously the Director of Emirates Nationals
Development Programme.

Her 10 years of HR experience include a number of HR roles in private sector and semi-Government organisations including Shell EP International, HSBC Bank Middle East and EPPCO.

Azzah holds an MSc Certificate in Strategic Leadership from Cranfield School of Management in UK. She is also a board member of Dubai Women Establishment and The Emirates Academy.

The newly-appointed Executive Director of Corporate Communications, External Relations and Customer Service is Leena Al Abbas, who has 12 years’ experience with a number of private and semi-Government organisations including Dubai World, HSBC Bank Middle East, DAFZA and Fedex. Leena holds an MBA from the American International University in London.

HE Eng Hamad Buamim, Director General, highlighted the Chamber’s efforts in carrying forward the Emiratisation process by appointing two national directors along with the earlier promotions of national employees which he said will further enhance the overall performance of the Chamber while also improving its services by adopting new initiatives that will go a long way in implementing its mission of serving the business community of Dubai better.

This move came as a conscious effort in the promotion and advancement of UAE nationals in senior management positions thus creating room for more promotions from within the organization as the Chamber during the last five months has secured 69% of Emiratisation in the middle management category.

Said Buamim, “Dubai Chamber is doing its bit in constantly absorbing and attracting qualified UAE nationals who enjoy a high profile of work experience in a way that copes with the Chamber’s mission and strategy in upgrading the performance of its departments so as to provide best quality services for the development of business by creating and motivating an excellent business environment thus directly contributing in the promotion of Dubai as a world business hub.”

In addition to the new appointments, Dubai Chamber has also introduced several changes to its HR policies and procedures which aim to further enhance the motivation and productivity of its employees.

The Chamber is on the verge of implementing a new salary structure this month.

This latest move, which comes as a follow-up to the implementation of the first performance-based bonus scheme for the Chamber in April, goes a long way in making the four decade-old organisation a competitive employer in the job market.

Among Dubai Chamber’s senior staff members who have been promoted according to the internal restructuring initiatives are Atiq J. Nasib who is now Executive Director of Commercial Services Department and Abdulaziz M. bin Hafiz, who has now become the Executive Director of the Board of Secretariat.

Jehad Kazim, who was manager Better Business Desk, has been made Director of Legal Services, Hassan Al Hashimi, manager of Media and Publications, is now Director of newly-created External Relations department while Omar Khan who was manager of Customer Service Centers department is now Director.

In order to involve the staff members more into its daily functioning, the Chamber also introduced an automated staff suggestion and complaint system to enable staff members to submit suggestions on how to improve processes and procedures in the Chamber and also encourage innovation amongst employees.

The suggestion scheme is supported by a reward system and to further enhance women’s participation in its workforce and support them in creating a work/personal life balance, the Chamber has introduced a new policy of extending the maternity leave from 45 to 60 days.