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Dubai Event Management Corporation appoints Richard Attias as Chief Executive Officer

Saeed Al Muntafiq, Executive Chairman of Dubai Event Management Corporation (DEMC) announced the appointment of Richard Attias as its Chief Executive Officer.

Attias comes to Dubai Event Management Corporation with a wealth of international expertise of over 20 years in the event management industry, including the organization of The World Economic Forum in Davos , the Islamic Conference in Dakar, Senegal, The Petra Conference of Nobel Laureates, and the launch of the Euro.

Previously, Attias was associated with the Publicis Group for over 10 years where he served as the Chairman of the Board of Publicis Events Worldwide, the first world-wide events network, and the Executive Chairman and Founder of PublicisLive, the celebrated Geneva-based agency producing world-class international conferences.

Dubai Event Management Corporation was established by a decree issued by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, with the mandate to create, manage and organize live events in the fields of sports, arts and culture, exhibitions, conferences and entertainment in the emirate.

Al Muntafiq said: “Attias’s appointment reflects the Corporation’s commitment to its role towards developing the event management industry in Dubai by deploying select world class expertise. Attias’s rich experience in the event management industry will help position Dubai Event Management Corporation as one of the region’s leading enterprises re-defining the event management industry in the UAE and cementing the country’s reputation for organizing and hosting world class events.”

On his role with the Corporation, Attias said: “H. H. Sheikh Mohammed’s inspiring vision is setting Dubai to become a global hub in the events and live experience industry, I am very proud to be given an opportunity to lead one of the most promising yet challenging projects not only in Dubai, but also on a global level. This new role presents an opportunity to take on new challenges in order to reinvent Dubai’s event management industry and make it world class.”

Attias, renowned by many as a pioneer in mega event management, will utilize his experience of over two decades in the industry to drive Dubai Event Management Corporation’s development into a new champion in the industry. He will lead an outstanding team composed of local talent as well as international expertise.