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Dubai Land Department, Property Finder launch Dubai House Price Index

The index will provide consumers with updated property sales and rental price insights

The first edition of the Mo’asher index will be unveiled during the end of the third quarter

As part of the government strategy for open data, DLD publishes the data publically via its application (Dubai Rest)

Property Finder will contribute asking price data and market insights from Data Finder

Dubai Land Department (DLD) and Property Finder signed an unprecedented memorandum of understanding (MoU) on Monday, 22 July for the launch of Dubai’s first official sales and rental price index.

This collaboration will create an index called ‘Mo’asher,’ which translates to index in Arabic. The first edition of the index will be unveiled during the third week of September and will be available on DLD’s and Property Finder’s websites as well as disseminated to all news sources.

DLD will provide data for Mo’asher on a monthly basis. This will then be coupled with Property Finder’s proprietary asking-price data and expert analysis from the team at Data Finder, a real estate insights and data platform under the Property Finder Group. 

 With Property Finder being one of the largest portals in the UAE and across the wider MENA region, it enjoys access to the largest set of proprietary data on asking prices and a number of other metrics that reveal property landscape and consumer demand. Data Finder has been created as a specialised entity, powered by the immense amount of data at Property Finder.

Lewis Allsopp, CEO of Allsopp & Allsopp on the property price index set to launch in Dubai, said: “The announcement of Dubai’s first official property price and rental index is excellent news. Buyers and tenants worldwide and importantly, here in Dubai will get a better understanding of the property prices in the city, adding consumer confidence as the index creates further transparency in the market. The launch shows that the Dubai property market is continuing to mature and adds further confidence into investment in the City.”

Founded in 2007, Property Finder is the leading property portal in the MENA region and Turkey that facilitates the house-hunting journey for both buyers and renters.

US private equity firm General Atlantic led Property Finder’s latest round of investment of a total of $120 million in 2018. In April 2019, Property Finder announced acquisition of JRD Group, following an increased investment in Turkish portal Zingat.

Dubai Land Department was founded in January 1960 to establish the most prominent real estate sector in the Middle East and the world.  DLD seeks regional and worldwide innovation in real estate with the aid of its active sectors that include real estate registration services, real estate investment promotions, and corporate support as well as its active organisations that include the Real Estate Regulatory Agency, the Dubai Real Estate Institute and the Rental Dispute Centre.

Data Finder is a real estate insights and data platform under the Property Finder Group that features asking price data, transaction price data, demand data, project and supply data, and other various data sets.