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Dubai has more stars under its patch of sky than Paris & New York

Dubai is the hotspot for tourists and business executives around the world.

A recent report  showed that the number of 5-star hotels in Dubai, are beating out both New York City and Paris.

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Dubai nearing No.1 spot

Statista reported that when it comes to planning a luxurious getaway, “some places offer more options than others with London standing out in particular.”

Statistical data from research firm Knight Frank  showed London  having 75 five star hotels beating every city in the world.

Hotel Reservation Service company HRS reported that a London room averages $217 per night, placing it among the top-5 cities with the most expensive hotels worldwide, with New York the most expensive worldwide with $306 a night on average.

Statista said Dubai has the second highest number of five star hotels with 61 in total.

Courtesy of Statista (

What are some of the leading hotels in the emirate?

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The famous “7-star” hotel

Named Burj Al Arab, this hotel offers 24h butler services, with 8 attendants for each room ready to serve your every need.

A fleet of Rolls Royce cars; taking you anywhere you desire in Dubai.

Helicopter services are also readily available

And last, but not least, a pool that overlooks the sea.

It is reported by guests on Trivago, a prominent industry site, that “a surprise was waiting in our room every night”

The official rating for this hotel is 5 stars; Staff has denied that, claiming it to be a 7-star hotel.

If you can’t find a room, try the next best thing.

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One&Only The Palm

If you are looking to relax on the beach, after eating a Michelin starred chef’s dish; this is the place to be.

‘The Palm’ offers similar accommodations like Burj Al Arab.

You can even order a babysitter when you go to check out the city at the night.

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Al Maha, a Luxury Collection Desert Resort & Spa

This hotel that will leave you homesick after you leave, because you’ll want to live there.

Clients of this hotel receive 3 staff members to accommodate and help each client with anything they might need, on a 24h basis. It also offers spas for when you’d just like to lay down and relax, according to Trivago.

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Carlton Palace

This hotel offers clients a 5-star experience, at an affordable price.

Executives on business trips to Dubai usually frequent this hotel, said Trivago.

While the Location isn’t the best, and construction of a new building next door has been reported by guests to be a little annoying.

Albeit, this hotel still deserves the 5-star rating it claims to be, for its exceptional staff service.

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Avani Hotel

This hotel is perfectly placed near the airport at an even more affordable price.

Staff is reported by various reviewers on Trivago and Hotel to be friendly and competent.

For the Price, you can’t go wrong with this one.