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Dubai’s first-of-a-kind eMart real estate portal surpasses expectations by attracting 30,000 visitors

According to the Director General of Dubai Land Department, Sultan Butti bin Mejren, eMart – Dubai’s new online portal for real estate transactions which was launched in November – has already exceeded all expectations, with over 29,000 visitors so far and new visitors joining every day.

Elaborating on the remarkable progress so far, Bin Mejren said: “We are delighted to reveal that in just a few weeks eMart has already attracted over 150 real estate firms, 230 investors and more than 1,300 property units with a combined value of Dhs139m. This shows the portal’s blossoming popularity as an all-in-one hub for lucrative property investments. Going forward, we fully expect eMart to achieve much greater success both quantitatively and qualitatively, as its reputation grows.”

The total value of property offered for direct sales exceeded Dhs130m. eMart also conducted its first e-auction, with transactions quickly passing the Dhs75m barrier.

Ben Mejren added: “Another pleasing aspect is that the visitors whom we are attracting to eMart represent a cross-section of various nationalities: over 20,000 Emiratis, more than 2,500 Americans, 700 Britons and 500 Saudis. There is also growing interest from Indian, Pakistani, Kuwaiti, Qatari, French, German, Russian, Canadian and Japanese buyers and sellers, among many others. This reflects eMart’s cross-cultural appeal and Dubai’s prestige among global property investors following the renaissance of our real estate sector. Currently Dubai is the second most sought-after property destination after Hong Kong, but Dubai always aims to be the very best and the same philosophy will drive eMart.”

Another factor that has been cited for eMart’s popularity is the strong credibility and trust which it fosters through Dubai Land Department, as well as the speed, convenience and security of the electronic transactions.