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Facebook: How to get your sales up by 75% this Ramadan

The first thing most people do when they wake up at 3 am on Ramadan is check their social media, and in fact, 37% people do so, according to Facebook’s latest figures.

Coincidentally during that same time, e-commerce activity on Facebook soars to 78%.

Moreover, during the month, Facebook sees an average of 14.8% increase in usage.

According to Forbes, the region has 172 million monthly mobile users.

However, according to Facebook, 244 million users celebrate Ramadan in the Middle East or in other words 86% of the region.

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However, Facebook is exploiting this mega usage to push brands into advertising more.

Thank Facebook for your business

According to data from Facebook, the region’s collective hours during Ramadan spent on their website is 1.92 million hours per day.

Which means brands have an extra 58m hours to capture the attention of the Middle Eastern population during Ramadan.

Facebook statistics also show that there is a 36% increase in e-commerce activity through the region during Ramadan.

The increase in e-commerce activity is amplified by mobile purchases, which see a 43% increase, compared to an increase of only 5.5% for desktop activity.

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As an example of a company leveraging increases in Ramadan usage to its benefit, Facebook highlighted Splash, one of the largest online fashion retailers in the Middle East.

According to Facebook, Splash successfully promoted its Ramadan collection on Facebook, resulting in a 75% in sales during Ramadan, as well as an 80% increase in conversion rates, yielding 15% higher return on ad spend.

Another company, L’Oreal, saw a 14.3 increase in ad recall in Saudi Arabia and a 9% increase in brand awareness in the UAE after promoting its Ultra Doux haircare range on Facebook during Ramadan.

What does Facebook have to gain?

Facebook internal data shows that there are 4.8 times more conversions on mobile during Ramadan compared to other times.

Additionally, 71% of UAE Facebook users use the platform while watching TV, and that 70% of people in the country rely on Facebook for gift ideas.

According to Tech Crunch, in Q1 2018 the region beat every other part of the world in ad-revenue to Facebook, reaching a whopping $529 million.

The region beat both Europe and the USA combined ad spending of $467 million and was followed by the rest of the world which spent $450 million during the same period.

Here is Facebook’s official infographic