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Eight governmental entities join the national suggestions and complaints system ‘Tawasul’

Implementing the directives of His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, Crown Prince, Deputy Supreme Commander and First Deputy Prime Minister; as well as resuming the Coordinating Committee’s Plan, eight governmental entities recently joined the National Suggestions and Complaints System ‘Tawasul’, bringing the number of entities which receive the public’s suggestions, inquiries and complaints electronically through ‘Tawasul’ to 21 entities.

Such advanced initiative comes within the framework of the national coordination efforts for the dissemination of the electronic system to develop government work, which began when HRH the Crown Prince launched ‘Tawasul’ as a preliminary step towards the development of the eGovernment and the Ministry of Health’s electronic services in June 2013. This came in accordance with HRH directives during the inauguration where he stressed on the importance of activating the role of citizens in the evaluation of government services. Therefore, accelerating the implementation of ‘Tawasul’ which uses modern technologies in all governmental entities to follow-up with citizens and residents’ suggestions as well as effectively manage their various comments and complaints. Hence, in translation of HRH’s directives, the Coordinating Committee approved a gradual plan that included the successful joining of 21 governmental entities to the system within the allotted time period. Last January, 11 entities joined and in continuation of the plan, 10 other entities joined the system by the end of June (2014) as scheduled, bringing the number to 21 entities which offer the public direct electronic services.

Audience interaction with the various entities via the system reflects a high percentage of their response, as ‘Tawasul’ received 1,765 cases since its launch and up until the first week of July. Cases vary between suggestions, inquiries and complaints made by citizens, visitors and business owners. The system has completed the process of 1,460 cases during the specified period, while work is in progress to address the remaining 305 cases, with a response rate of 83%.

The increase in the number of governmental entities joining ‘Tawasul’ allows a high degree of communication and coordination among official entities on one hand, and facilitates the continued communication between the public and these entities on the other hand, promoting a culture of transparency and trust in the efficiency of government services provided to citizens, residents and visitors.

‘Tawasul’ is considered a unified platform that links the citizen with the governmental entities directly and permanently, especially that some cases are associated with more than one government entity, which speeds-up the response to incoming requests and facilitates obtainment of responses with the advantage of following-up with requests all the way until their final stage.

Furthermore, every ministry and governmental entity joining ‘Tawasul’ is an important step for the integration and provision of the bundle of government services to the public through this innovative mechanism, the provision of entity services around the clock and their interaction with the public. This comes in line with the directives of HRH Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa; Crown Prince, Deputy Supreme Commander and First Deputy Prime Minister, who emphasized that ‘Tawasul’ is to secure permanent and direct communication channels between citizens and governmental entity officials who respond to the aspirations of citizens to develop all government services.

‘Tawasul’ allows the public to submit any inquiry, suggestion or complaint to the governmental entities participating in the system at any time and place. The suggestion or complaint passes through six stages, starting with submitting the case, followed by reviewing and transferring, then the entity’s response. After auditing and investigation by the central office, it is processed, and as a final stage comes the process of analysis and development. Applicants are able to convey the level of their satisfaction with the way their cases were managed, and are capable of requesting the re-handling of their applications if they are not satisfied.

Currently, Tawasul comprises 21 governmental entities including the newly-joined entities which include the Ministry of Education, National Authority for Qualifications & Quality Assurance of Education and Training, Bahrain Institute for Public Administration (BIPA), General Organisation for Youth and Sports (GOYS), Ministry of Culture, Bahrain Exhibitions & Conventions Authority, Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB) and the Information Affairs Authority (IAA). These bodies are beside the previously joined entities – Ministries of Housing, Labour, Works, Health, Social Development, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning (Central and Northern Municipalities), Foreign Affairs, Finance, Transportation, Central Informatics Organization (CIO), National Health Regulatory Authority, Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) and the eGovernment Authority.

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