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Eiman Al Oasis lectures hailed by audiences in Sharjah

The activities of the Ramadan awareness and educational initiative ‘Eiman Oasis’ which are being organised by the Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq) in collaboration with the Sharjah Islamic Affairs Department have received highly positive feedback from audiences who attended the lectures at the three mosques, namely Al Salaf Al Saleh Mosque in Sharjah, Omar Ibn Al Khattab Mosque in Khorfakkan and Al Huda Mosuqe in Kalba.

Topics of the five lectures organized at Al Salaf Al Saleh Mosque in Sharjah in the first week of Ramadan varied from “Prophecy House in Ramadan”, delivered by Sheikh Idham Al Fadhli, to “With Assistance of Allah” by Sheikh Dr Mohammed Hisham, “prevention from sedition” and “Kindly Sunni People Take Care of Sunni People” for Sheikh Dr Saleh bin Saad Al Sahimi and from “Signs of Monotheistic God” for Sheikh Dr Abdulrazak Al Bader.

Omar Al Khattab Mosque in Khorfakkan hosted five lectures, the first of which was titled “New White Page”, by Sheikh Dr Saleh AbdulKaraim. Second lecture by Sheikh Dr Idham Al Fadhli was titled “Impacts of Faith in practicing Fast”. Third lecture was for Sheikh Dr Mohammed Hisham and was titled “The Nation’s Wise”. Fourth and fifth lecture were titled “Talkative will not Enter Paradise” by Sheikh Dr Saleh bin Saad Al Sahimi and “I am Close”, respectively for Sheikh Khalid Ismael.

Al Huda Mosuqe in Kalba hosted three lecture, the first of which was titled Ramadan the Month of the “Holy Koran”, for Sheikh Dr Saeed Salim Al Daramaki. Second lecture was titled Sunni Traits by Sheikh Dr Mohammed Hisham. The Third lecture was “Description about it” for Dr Shiekh Abdullah Al Kamali.

Speaking on the occasion, Ahmed Obaid Al Qaseer, COO of Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq), said, “The diversity of topics has contributed to attracting different groups of audiences. Topics in the first week of Ramadan covered various aspects of Islamic doctrine, jurisprudence, biography of prophet, interpretation and Hadith in addition to other topics about the Holy Month of Ramadan and Islamic values, ethics and code of conduct.”

Lectures saw considerable public attention, as people interacted with scholars and preachers by directly attending lectures or by visiting social networking platforms, which allowed people who could not reach mosques, especially the housewives, from watching the lectures at their homes to become involved.

The Eiman Oasis programme of lectures will continue at the three mosques every day after Taraweeh prayer till 14th of Ramadan. The list of speakers includes 16 scholars, preachers and mosque Imams, including Sheikh Idham Al Fadhli, Sheikh Dr Mohammed Hisham, Sheikh Dr Saleh Al Sahimi, Sheikh Dr Abdulrazak Al Bader, Sheikh Dr Abdullah Al Kamali, Sheikh Dr Saleh Abdulkarim, Sheikh Dr Saleh Al Showaer, Sheikh Dr Abdulaziz bin Jibrin, Sheikh Dr Khalid Mohammed Al Qahtani, Sheikh Dr Mohammed Ghaith, Sheikh Dr Yousef Al Hamadi, Sheikh Khalid Ismael, Sheikh Hisham Al Housani and Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah Al Hamadi.

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