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Eouti launches first union of electronic tourism in the Middle East and worldwide

Eouti, the pioneer of electronic tourism worldwide, is the first site addressing the travel industry union worldwide and in the Middle East with Saudi Arabian – French – Spanish – Italian and Egyptian partnership, and sponsored by a lot of international tourism organizations.

The site of Electronic Union of Travel Industry has been launched in English language and it is predicted to be in twelve different languages by the end of 2010. Such a site is considered the first reference for all concerned with e-tourism and e-marketing industry all over the world.

The Union also aims to be the first work in organizing e-tourism in the world. Egypt has been chosen to be the main administrative headquarter world wide with branch office.

In Spain, Mrs. Clara Riveoro, Deputy President of the union has clarified that the main task of Eouti is to establish an international coalition that has the ability to organize the work of tourism and travel through the Internet (e-tourism). She also assured that the union will provide the best consultation in this field as well as providing opportunities for exchange experiences among members through the issuing a quarterly magazine in various languages and organize marketing and educational trips for the members.

Tourist expert Mr.Ahmed Mahdy Younis, Deputy Chairman for Spain, France and Portugal region has mentioned that one of the Union’s main objectives is to find scientific solutions for the e-tourism industry problems through the creating a unified global directory that ensures official information covering related to the tourism industry and supporting the fair competition between its members in order to guarantee increasing the touristic sales volume through the internet and saving funds on tours packages and marketing programs.

The Union has chosen Saudian Mr. Mohammed Almahazaa, owner of the Hanouf Group for Tourism Investment in Egypt and Saudi Arabia, to be the Chairman worldwide and Middle East region, who chose Egypt to be the main headquarter world wide.

Mr. Mohammed Al Mahazaa , also assured the existence of the code of ethics which will obligate all the members of the Union and ensure confidentiality, Nevertheless protection for customer’s privacy and receiving the best possible service also to give its members seal confidence which provide them credibility.

He also added that one of the most important services presented by Eouti is to market products enormously on the site and a major budget of more than $2m has been allocated annually which provide an opportunity for members to increase sales and reduce the volume of expenditure on marketing. And thus Eouti became a coalition that protects workers from intruders and hackers in addition to be the largest gateway marketing of tourism products of members.

Dr. Hossam Darwish, professor of e-tourism and the expert of international tourism has been chosen as the General Manager of the world wide offices, and it is predicted that the many representative offices will be open world wide consecutively in Riyadh, Ukraine, Brazil, Canada, Turkey, Italy and China.

He added that the Union will present many services for its members as followed: design service sites by professional experts; developing sites that suits SEO System and write its contents by professional specialists of different nationalities.

Training and educational courses will be held world wide, which will start with the Conference in Cairo April 2008 attended by the word’s e-tourism experts instructing the latest industry technologies.

In addition, the union provides service of hosting sites and choosing Domain names for its members. Dr. Hossam Darwish confirms that the charge of the membership will be symbolic for all tourism sectors including hotels, travel agencies, transportation, limousine, bazaars, floating hotels and any other places involved in e-tourism.