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Exclusive: UAE Tenders portal saves everyone money, time, effort

Why didn’t I think of that? You will ask that question after seeing what UAE Tenders bidding Portal does.

UAE Tenders, the biggest online bidding platform in the UAE, expanded its services scale to not only companies but also individuals.

Anybody can visit, post their requirements and receive quotations from several suppliers across the UAE. Buyers are then able to compare and choose according to the desired quality and price.

An exclusive interview with Lamia Chlyeh, CEO of UAE Tenders, revealed more details that AMEinfio reveals here:

Who is this for?

 Registered suppliers at UAE Tenders operate in various industries such as agriculture, construction, engineering, nutrition, education, finance, insurance, gas and energy, heavy and light industries, health, medicine, media, real estate, home services, transportation, more. 

“UAE Tenders is the first comprehensive online platform in the UAE that enables both companies and individuals to bid, buy, and supply. The idea of launching this project emerged from the compelling need for having one place where all buyers and suppliers operating in different industries can meet under one roof and exchange benefits,” says Chlyeh. 

“We’ve been working on for more than 3 years, but managed to launch the whole website in only one month.”

She said that “Supplies and tenders are not limited to big machinery and heavy equipment, as companies and individuals can ask for whatever they need including catering services, contractors, laptops, stationery, furniture, sports equipment, food items, carpets, textiles, uniforms, lawyers, insurance, marketing services, HR, having their car washed, their events planned, their lawns mowed,  etc.”

How to register

Unlike business registration, which requires creating an account and attaching a valid trade license, individuals don’t have to register to post their requirements. 

But is  completely safe to use?

“100%. We have a highly-qualified IT team in-house who dedicate their efforts and time working on the website and its safety. They apply the latest in security techniques”,” says Chlyeh.

Traders, real estate companies, insurance companies, educational institutions, beauty salons, event planners, photographers, and all companies enjoy now a better business opportunity to reach a bigger audience, through UAE Tenders, and achieving their sales target became way easier.

“The database of includes more than 100,000 companies from all over the UAE, in addition to many individuals using the website for their everyday needs and home requirements,” says Chlyeh.

“We only deal with professional companies that have a valid trade license.”


The site has no fees or hidden costs applied.

It’s totally free to post requirements and receive quotations, and individuals don’t pay a dime.  

Suppliers can choose from various available plans, depending on their business needs, according to Chlyeh.

“I can affirm that this business opportunity saves huge purchasing time, efforts, and money. The website plays the role of a whole sales team, helping companies achieve their sales target and boosting their income. Moreover, companies kind of compete to provide a lesser price, which is eventually great for buyers,” she says.

“We are planning to expand throughout the whole region, and we expect the rapid growth of our business year after year.”